Two Saints – 57


Aeris and Grudo were also there. The king was grateful that the monsters of the dungeon had been reduced to a normal level, and the ceremony was soon finished. After that, the soldiers and Adventurers split from the officers and two separate parties were held. This was so the soldiers could enjoy themselves without worrying about formalities.


Of course, Maki and Chiharu tried to go with the soldiers, but they were promptly caught by Kaider, Nyran, and Edwy.


“Surely you weren’t thinking about forcing all the work onto me?”


The prince said with a smile as he pulled them away. And so Maki and Chiharu were forced to attend.


There were Kaider’s father, mother, brother #1, brother #2, brother #1’s wife, brother #2’s wife, brother #1’s three children, and brother #2’s two children. And then there were other relatives as well. They were all big dwarves like Kaider.


“So these are the humans that Kaider was running around in search of.”

“No. They are the Saintesses.”

“Of course, the fact they are Saintesses is important. But what is most important is that Kaider finally found someone and had grown attached to them. Now that is rare.”


Kaider’s brother said to his wife.


“You sure are skinny, Saintess. What do you eat?”


Said one of the children of the second brother.


“Saintess, this outfit you are wearing…”


Said the daughter of the first brother. Her eyes were shining as she looked at them. She looked about the same age as Maki and Chiharu. In fact, the king and queen didn’t look that much older than them either. Aside from the very young children, it was hard to tell who was older than Kaider. This was one thing that was annoying about races with a long life span.


Of course, Maki and Chiharu wanted to ask what they meant about Kaider’s fate and about finally meeting someone, but they found it difficult to enter the conversation. And without ever getting to touch the food and drinks on the table, the party ended with them being confused and surrounded by dwarves.


They continued to smile politely until the end. This resulted in them being seen as ‘polite and quiet Saintesses from another land.’ Later, Maki and Chiharu would hear about this with much surprise.


“Uh, I’m so tired.”


Maki said as she fell onto the bed in the guest room.


“It’s unlike you to sound so defeated, Maki.”


Chiharu said as she sat heavily on the sofa. Maki’s face remained in the sheets as she muttered.


“Being out in society is completely different. That Kaider! He said we would only have to be there for a short while, and then we could eat as much as we wanted!”

“Things really are different here. Uh, do you want some tea?”


The guest room had a tea set and a place to boil water. Of course, it used magic stones to heat the water.


“This is the dwarf lands alright. They really think of everything.”


Chiharu said as she boiled some water and smelled the tea leaves she had found.


“You seem really tired Maki, so I’ll avoid anything too strong.”

“Thanks. I don’t want anything smelling of flowers right now.”


Knock-knock. Maki raised her face.


“Oh? Visitors? I wonder who it is.”


A voice rang on the other side.


“It’s Aeris and Grudo. Can we come in?”


Maki and Chiharu looked at each other in surprise. What could it be? In any case, we should open the door.

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