Two Saints – 58


Maki began. Chiharu glared at her. But Maki didn’t notice.


“Are there any other useful bugs?”

“There are. For instance…”

“Ahh. Uh. Um…”

“What is it, Chiharu?”

“My throat is starting to hurt.”

“Oh. But Chiharu…”


Maki suddenly realized her mistake. She didn’t mind talk of bugs at all. However, it was an issue that girls were split on. Some were fine and others hated it. Chiharu was the later. She generally did not like things that wiggled or had lots of legs, including that black one that showed up in the summer. But bees were fine. Even if they were a little big. But anything else…


“There are silkworms that spit out silk thread.”


There! Wiggly! Gross! No, maybe it wasn’t too bad? No, it was too much.


“About this big.”

“Uh, um. Aeris. I would like to eat dessert now.”


Maki interrupted him.


“I see. The one that Chiharu was about to eat was very good.”

“Oh, that cake looks very good too.”


Maki said with excitement. Aeris looked happy as he continued to talk.


“Yes, that one uses honey. They stretch the batter out with flour and then spread oil over it before folding. Then it roasted with lots of nuts and honey. Ah, Chiharu. You have honey on your chin.”


Aeris’s voice was sweet like honey.


“Hmm? Here?”

“On the other side.”


Aeris stretched out his hand and wiped it with a napkin. Chiharu quietly let him.


So sweet. Maki looked away in order to avoid laughing, and her eyes met Grudo’s. Grudo chuckled in exasperation. Maki then picked up a piece of cake and tasted it. Yes, it was really sweet.


They finished off the meal with some apple wine. And then Grudo and Aeris left, both in a good mood.

Of course, Maki and Chiharu were also satisfied.


And so they turned off the lights and snuggled into bed. It was just as they began to doze off, that Chiharu mumbled.


“Maybe we shouldn’t go to the elf lands.”


Bugs could not be ignored. Maki laughed. She was a little drunk.


“We’ll think about it tomorrow.”

“Yes. Goodnight.”



And then they fell asleep.

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  1. Yeah, Maki is my favorite. I want more of her pov. The novel seems to have more of Chiharus thoughts than making >:U
    Thanks for the update tho.

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