Two Saints – 67


Maki turned to her. Chiharu was staring at the sky with a harsh expression.


“Two Saintesses. Thick miasma. Dungeon troubles. Monsters in lakes. Weren’t all of those things unprecedented?”

“True. So it wasn’t that no one noticed. They weren’t here before. So something is happening now. That’s what you think, Chiharu?”

“I can’t say for sure. But that gazer seemed different. And that makes me wonder. What if we left a dangerous monster to wander through the town?”


“But still, I can’t turn them into a magic stone by force.”


No other monsters came that night. But Maki and Chiharu were so anxious that they didn’t feel like returning to their rooms.


In other words, they did not get much sleep that night.






“Lady Maki. Lady Chiharu?”

“Mmm…ah! What time is it? I don’t have a watch. Uh, come in, Sera!”


Maki jumped up at Sera’s voice.


“Chiharu. Chiharu!”


“Get up! The elf lands!”

“Ah! Honey wine!”

“That’s what got you!”


Chiharu finally got up. Sera then came in. She was chuckling.


“You just came back from a long journey. It’s no wonder you are tired.”


She prepared their breakfast and continued to talk.


“Lady Maki and Lady Chiharu. I have heard people saying that you two will travel again when you have only returned tomorrow. Surely, I must have heard wrong…”


She was mad. Sera was mad. Maki and Chiharu traded awkward glances.


“We just heard about it last night. But they didn’t give us any details.”


Chiharu was still drowsy, so it was Maki who answered.


“That silly elf boy even said that you two could travel empty-handed because they would prepare everything for you in the elf lands…”


Boy… He was probably over 150 years old… They did say he was the Prime Minister’s aide…


“But you’ll be stopping at the south lands as well. And yet that elf didn’t even think about…”


The south lands, huh? Yes, the food should be good there…


“As his uncle, that damned elf should control his nephew. But I think he stayed quiet because he doesn’t want Lady Chiharu to go. Damn him!”


Damned elf? The White Philosopher? Maki didn’t know how to react, so she turned to Chiharu.


She was sleeping.



“Hmm? Ah.”

“The elf lands!”

“Honey wine…”

“Hmph! You better get ready or we’ll leave without you!”

“Yes! I’m up!”


Maki sighed and turned to Sera.


“Miss Sera. We will have to go eventually. And we were able to get plenty of rest on our way back from the dwarf lands. I promise you, we won’t push ourselves too hard.”


Sera’s eyebrows lowered. She knew there was nothing she could do.


“I do not mind that you must leave, Lady Maki and Lady Chiharu. But those selfish, barbarous elves…”

“It will be fine. Don’t worry. He always helps us. And I feel like it would be better for us to go.”


Yesterday, she and Chiharu had decided to take a firmer stand in this matter regarding the monsters.

Maki turned to Chiharu. She wanted to see her resolve.


“Hey, Chiha-…. Wake up!”



What happened to the cool Chiharu from last night? Maki was a little baffled.

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  1. Kind of hoping they learn to hang out with monsters without turning them into magic stones if they don’t want to. That little gazer might make a cool/cute pet.

  2. i am worried about that van. i have a feeling he is the type of researcher who would throw morals to the side for the sake of his curiosity. i honestly wouldn’t put it past him to throw them into a group of monsters just to see what would happen.

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