Two Saints – 85


If the merfolk were stupid for poking their heads out when there were guards on the water, then the guards were even more stupid for not noticing them. Zynis looked a little exasperated.


“So much for being careful when going to the mirror lake.”


Dilon said. He was about to say more when Ortha interrupted him.


“So, Corete. There is more, isn’t there?”

“Yes. It seemed like the merfolk were interested in the villa. Of course, there were even more lights over there, and they could not get close.”

“But merfolk will walk on the land like it’s nothing. Just like birdfolk can live in the sky and on land, the merfolk can live in the sea and on land. There is probably something they want to do, if only they could get out of the lake.”


Kleo, who hadn’t been part of the night reconnaissance, said.


“What’s happening…”

“Before we start speculating, it’s your turn, Dilon.”


Dilon looked surprised and then straightened his posture.


“I checked the area behind the town. And I discovered a small dwarven settlement. There appeared to be a family living in each house, because I saw children. We think they are working in the cave near the lake, but we don’t know what they are doing exactly.”

“Merfolk and dwarves. Is this really inland?”


Ortha looked puzzled.


“I was watching the cave. Soldiers and dwarves went in and out, but I wasn’t able to learn anything other than the fact that they were guarding the entrance.”


Zynis said. Then he looked towards the lake.


“Also, the miasma is very thick here.”


The others nodded.


“Now, this is not enough information to take back with us. What are the merfolk trying to do? What is happening in the town? We need to investigate this further.”


Zynis decided their direction.


“Corete, Ortha, Dilon. You all go to the nearest town and disguise yourselves as merchants and then return. You can conduct your business while you investigate.”


The three nodded.

“I and two of the birdfolk will stay here and continue to search. I want to see if I can talk to the merfolk during the night.”


The birdfolk nodded. However, they seemed a little restless.


“What is it?”

“Would you mind if we went out a little farther during reconnaissance?”

“Of course. It would look strange if you just flew here all day.”

“Good. It looks like there is going to be a complicated wind current. I want to go and check it out.”

“Uh, right. Very well.”


Kaela seemed very excited about it, but Zynis looked a little disturbed. But birdfolk would always be birdfolk, regardless of their color.


“Well, until tonight, then.”


Everyone moved in order to fulfill their role. This was the morning of the day that Maki and Chiharu reached Lowland.

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