Two Saints – 99


AAAHHHH! Chiharu screamed internally. The sense of a steep drop and the flight just barely over the surface of the water. Chiharu couldn’t even close her eyes as she saw the surprised expressions of the merfolk rush passed her. But it was true, they reached the chief’s room in no time.

Tonk. They landed quietly on the ground. The only reason they didn’t collapse, was because of the training they had earlier. The only thing that made Chiharu feel better, was seeing that Aaron looked quite pale. On the other hand, Edwy and Maki looked just fine. How tough were they? Never mind, they were on a rescue mission now. The birdfolk moved away so they wouldn’t draw attention. And then Edwy looked into the room and gestured for them to come.

He opened the balcony door wide and they quietly entered the room. Where was the chief? There! He was reclining on the sofa just like he was during the day. His tail hit rhythmically on it.


“Beloved child. You came.”

“What you do mean, you came!”

Chiharu was surprised by how bored he looked. Then she inspected him. He was two meters long. It would be difficult to carry him, but they could manage it if all four of them helped. Now, what would be heavier? The head or tail. Well, the head was heavier, but the tail was hard to grab.

“Maki and Edwy, carry the head! Aaron and I will carry the tail!”

Chiharu ordered as she grabbed onto the tail. Woah, it was heavy. On the other side, Maki put an arm around Amia’s head and tried to lift him.

“Edwy! Aaron! Hurry up!”

“We can’t carry him without your help!”

Chiharu and Maki said. However, Edwy and Aaron did not answer. They were sighing and looking somewhere else.



They called again.


Aaron said in an exasperated voice.

“Amia. Enough already.”

Edwy sounded a little angry. And then Maki and Chiharu let go of Amia in surprise.

“It’s finished? How boring.”

Amia said as he shifted his weight. What Maki and Chiharu felt next, was some kind of energy swirling around him. It was like wind, but it was warm.

Amia wrapped himself in a cloth and then stood up from the sofa.



As Maki and Chiharu looked surprised, Edwy sighed.

“Chiharu, you’ve been carried by him before. I don’t know why you would even think you could carry him.”

“But he has a tail… Huh? Where did it go?”

Chiharu looked at Amia’s feet with surprise.

“He’s like the dogs, and can transform. Isn’t that right, Amia?”


Amia nodded. His arms had stretched out and pulled Maki and Chiharu closer to him.

“Then why didn’t you just get up and go to the lake?”

Chiharu couldn’t help but ask. Amia looked a little conflicted.

“First it was because he couldn’t be bothered to. Then he started enjoying being rescued by you two. Isn’t that right, Amia?”

Edwy said. Amia ignored him and said,

“Well, let’s go to the lake then.”

And then he pushed Maki and Chiharu’s backs as he started to walk.

“What? Couldn’t be bothered? That’s it?”

“And you involved all of these people? Really?”

Chiharu and Maki muttered.

“I won’t ask you any difficult questions. I think I understand now. They say that you are proud, noble, and free. But now I see you’re just spoiled creatures.”

Edwy muttered. But he was ignored once again. Well, as they had to leave anyway, the others were forced to follow the chief. However…

“Are you alright, Prince Amia!?”

“Is the chief safe!?”

The doors swung open and in walked Chouze and Norfe.

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