Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 11


And finally, everything became silent. Even the soldiers below the balcony fell quiet in surprise.


Chiharu’s eyes scanned the scene before them. There were birds everywhere. What about him? Where is he? There. If only I could punch him!




She called him, and he came forward with the loud flapping of wings.



“The Saintess.”

“There are two.”

“That one is tiny.”


“She called the chief’s son by name.”


Hey, who called me tiny!


“Chihaaru! Maki!”


He smoothly descended as the other birds made way for him. They couldn’t deny that he looked very cool doing this.


“Everyone wanted to see you two. I told them that you were not likely to visit us until you were settled. But if you cannot come, that only means that we must visit you. And so I brought them all.”


He was hopelessly optimistic and a man of action.


“But you were told to wait until we had adjusted.”

“And have you adjusted?”



What was this? It was tiring. I guess they wanted to wait nearby until we were adjusted then.


“Sauro, this is just a guess, but your chief is here isn’t he?”

“How did you know! He is over there.”


Arthur was in the garden since the early morning and talking with someone with large white wings. Oh, there he goes massaging his temples again. Chiharu signed. Her eyes met Maki’s and Maki nodded before shouting.





The sister bird came down with a smile.


“Take us to the chief.” “Take us to the chief.”

“Are you sure? Chihaaru was so scared last time.”

“I’m fine as long as it’s not without warning. Slowly, okay.”


And as all the other birdfolk watched, the bird siblings picked up the two Saintesses and slowly carried them down to the gardens. Ah, my underwear is visi…no, it’s not.


“Maki, Chihaaru. I am sorry to disturb you so early in the morning.”


King Arthur said.


“It’s nothing. But what is happening?”


Chiharu asked.


“So you two are the current Saintesses then.”


Said someone who looked a lot like Sauro. He was probably the chief. Someone who had long wished to meet a Saintess, but had been hated by the previous one. In Japan, they called such people stalkers.


But now he must be too old to fly such long distances. He looked tired.


“Maki, Chihaaru, this is the chief of the birdfolk. Miragaia. Miragaia, these two are the current Saintesses, Maki and Chihaaru.”

“Maki, Chihaaru.”


The chief repeated the names as if they were close to his heart.


“Forgive me for disturbing you in the morning. But we just had to look at your faces.”


That was really all it was with these bird people. That was enough for them to cross the sea.


“Chief Miragaia.”

“Call me Mira.”

“Chief Mira, we have only just yesterday been invited to the beast lands, the elf lands and the dwarf lands for the first time. And it is only our fourth day in this country.”



He looked as if he was hearing this information for the first time. Was he really the chief?


“Maki and I love to travel. We would be happy to be carried by the bird people, as long as it is not too sudden.”

“In that case!”

“We will go to the beast lands eventually. But, we want to educate ourselves first. And do some planning before setting off.”

“So an immediate departure…”

“Is not possible. There is so much to get used to, we are just trying to adjust to the differences here.”


Miragaia looked very disappointed at this.


“Mira, you must get it through your thick skull that you lot have done things that deserve severe dislike.”


Arthur said. Chiharu continued.


“Please don’t come so early in the morning and without warning. Also, don’t kidnap us either. Let us meet at normal hours like normal people.”

“Would you meet with us if we came?”

“Of course. As long as it’s not without warning.”


Miragaia’s face lit up then.


“Then would you fly with me a little? Only Sauro and Saikania have had that honor. But I have wanted to do this for so long.”


What a child. Inside. Chiharu looked at Maki. It’s your turn, Maki.


“Alright, Chiharu. Then I’ll go with, hey, wha, ahhh…!”


Feel the horror of being suddenly taken away, Maki-chan! Chiharu’s gleeful laughter echoed throughout the gardens. Spreading a warm feeling in the atmosphere. Except for Maki.

Yes. At least her underwear wasn’t visible.

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