Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 29


“Anne, Mary, I am sure you are quite confident, as you made it all the way here safely. But there will be more ruffians on the way to Gromble. You seem a little oblivious to the way people look at you, but humans and especially young women would draw a lot of attention here. My son is just worried about that.”

“Exactly. If you would like, we can provide a carriage and guard for you.”



Chiharu looked a little uncomfortable.


“We are very grateful, but… We can’t ask you to do that…”


She said and looked down. Kreis practically stood up.


“No. It is only normal for us to help a troubled person from a foreign land. Please, rely on us!”


He said with conviction. What a cute person. I sometimes visit the human territories, but it’s not often that you see someone this small. She is still bigger than many dwarves, but smaller than me. And that delicate neck and shoulders. She looked fragile. Chiharu had no idea that such thoughts were running through Kreis’ head. Well, it was likely that many of the other dwarves watching them were thinking the same thing.


“Thank you. We intend to stay here in the capital for a while, so we might just take you up on the offer when the time comes.”


Maki said. Right then, they heard a door opening, and the room seemed to fall quiet. Edmond looked and said:


“Well, this is unusual. It’s the third son and his chaperone from the castle.”

“Third son?”


Chiharu wondered.


“Did you see two human children around here? A brother of 14 and a younger sister that is 12. They had dark blond hair.”


They knew that voice. Uhuh. No, no one could tell.


“I am very sorry, Kaider. But we do not give out information about our customers unless it is important.”


The owner said politely. Kaider seemed annoyed by this and continued.


“Important? Two children alone in the dwarf lands? I am just worried about them, but I suppose that is not important to you.”


Kreis chuckled.


“Two humans traveling together, that does sound familiar.”

“Oh, yes. Some people really are generous. But perhaps they felt suffocated and had to get away.”


Maki said with a meaningful voice.


“Oh, indeed. But do not worry, we will not allow you to feel suffocated.”


As they talked, they continued to listen in on Kaider.


“I suppose I have no choice.”


Yes, you do! You’re going to tell him? Really?


“Two humans that fit your description did come for lunch yesterday.”

“Two children?”

“Yes. But their manners were so good, that I thought they must be nobles. They even enjoyed some wine.”


You’re going to tell him that too?


“There is no doubt about it. It’s Norfe and Chouze.”


At what point was he sure of it? Chiharu quipped internally.


“But I have not seen those two since.”

“Damn it. I told them to wait for a few days! Could they not wait for three days!”


Sorry. We waited for two days. After that conversation, his footsteps approached them.


“Edmond, Kreis!”

“It has been a while.”

“It’s rare to find you in the capital.”

“Well, my father called me.”


They were acquaintances! Kaider was now at their table. It’s fine, it’s fine. We’re wearing makeup after all.


“I see you have company. Please excuse me.”


Kaider said politely.


“Huh? Have I met you two before?”


You have. We were even traveling together. Though, I will never say that.


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  1. They all look so good!!

    I wonder how many more men are our MCs going to unknowingly seduce?

    I both want them to get caught and not at the same time, so hard to pick~

    Thanks for the chapter!!

  2. hmmm, I always pictured the birdfolk like harpies. Human torso, bird like legs and arms as wings with hands/claws…

    Damn Kaider! Making female hearts pound everywhere!

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