Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 39


“Edwy. Would you mind sending the soldiers into Shiel’s dungeon for one day?”

“Of course, I don’t mind.”

“Well, then, mister mayor. We will do what we can tomorrow.”

“Oh, thank you so much.”


The soldiers would probably be happy about it. They would be bored after spending so many days traveling and training. And so they were all told of it that night, and the camp was full of excitement.


The next morning, the soldiers were separated into groups and entered the dungeon.


“Maki, now that I think of it, the only monster we’ve seen is a Gazer.”

“And we didn’t learn much about them at the castle either.”


The cooks and about half of the soldiers stayed in the town.


“What’s wrong little boy? Didn’t you come here because you wanted to become an Adventurer?”


One of the bored soldiers who had stayed asked her.


“No, we just came to meet some relatives. We lived in Midland before, and aren’t interested in dungeons.”


Maki answered.


“So I don’t really know what’s happening, other than that the soldiers are going inside.”

“I see. Did you know that monsters are weak to metal?”


“Yes, and beastkin can tear them up with their claws. Elves use arrows to shoot them. However these monsters will come at you with incredible force if they see you. Those who are hit will be injured, and even if they are not, the monsters will suck all the energy out of you. You will weaken and die. And so the beastkin are at a disadvantage. Dwarves are not very good with weapons. Elves are not too interested in hunting monsters. And so it is humans who are the most efficient. Of course, if you are no good with a sword, they’ll just knock it out of your hands and you’ll be dead.”

“I see.”


She had no idea.


“Um, what about Kaider? He’s a dwarf.”


Maki asked.


“Kaider is not only large for a dwarf, but he has a rare skill with the sword. He is also a magnificent blacksmith. They say that warriors make the best blacksmiths. He is the only reason that people don’t say that the dwarves rely on humans entirely.”

“I see. So he’s really strong.”
“Yes. There’s no need to worry about him.”


What a relief. Maki sighed.


“Our own Prince Edwy and Lord Aeris are seeing the dungeon today as well. Prince Edwy is surprisingly strong, but I’m a little worried about Lord Aeris. He’s terrible with the sword and bow.”

“Is that so.”

“Well, he is more of an intellectual.”


Both Edwy and Aeris seemed to be liked by their men.


“Now, it’s my turn to go. I’ll be off then.”

“Good luck!”


The soldier disappeared into the dungeon in order to trade places with the others. The returned soldiers looked as if they had accomplished something. Their eyes shone with pride.


“It looks like it’s going well.”

“Yes. But I hope Edwy and the others come back soon.”


Even if he said they’d be alright, she was still worried. Both Maki and Chiharu felt restless.

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