Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 40


There was more than one Gazer. Sauro dodged the Gazer that chased him as he rushed towards land. On the ground, the soldiers were not so drunk as to not respond.


The Gazer slowed down when it saw the soldiers. Sauro glided over the ground and dropped Maki.




Maki was about to jump into the water, but a soldier stopped her.


“And what use will you be in there! Leave it to us!”


But once the soldier jumped into the water, his movements became slow. On the other hand, the entire sky was the battlefield of the Gazers. The soldiers frantically prepared boats and arrows, the scene seemed to be falling into a stalemate. But then…


“The bird people!”


“It’s their second form.”


Maki looked up to watch. While they were still humanoid, their talons grew longer and they now had very sharp-looking beaks. There were four of them.


“Sauro! Saikania!”


They nodded at her and then flew off with a flutter of wings. These white birdfolk had a wingspan of three meters. The Gazers were eyeballs that were one meter in diameter, and there were ten of them floating in the sky.


By now, a whole minute had passed. Chiharu! Chiharu!


She had to be fine. She hadn’t fallen from a high place. And we had all gone to swimming school as children. Chiharu knew how to swim.


Maki stared at the water as she tried to pull away from the soldier who held her back. Was that bubbles? It was bubbles. A wave appeared on the surface.



“It’s just a fish.”


And then Chiharu burst out of the water with such a loud exhalation that Maki and the others heard her.


“Chiharu! Good! Huh?”


Chiharu wasn’t even swimming, and yet she was moving in the water towards them. Someone was holding her.



“It’s merfolk…”


It’s merfolk! And then a Gazer caught sight of them and plunged down towards them.


“No! Chiharu!”


The birdfolk were too busy fighting the others. However…


Slap! The Gazer went flying back. They could see the shapes of Merfolk dancing over the water.


“The merfolk hit it back!”


More and more of them came up and protected Chiharu from the Gazer until she reached dry land.





She was soaking wet, but otherwise, unhurt. Maki and Chiharu held hands and turned to the merfolk.


“Thank you!”

“This is why we asked you to come with us, precious children. The land is a hard place to live on.”


The young merman said.


“Not yet! There are still too many Gazers! Take these two away and tell the birdfolk to fall back! We must fight on land, and not in the sky!”


It was Kaider who barked this order in a loud voice.


“It is you!”

“The interfering dwarf. The Gazers are attracted by our precious children. Only fools would try to fight them in the sky. You must lure them to the ground.”

“Tsk! I know. Edwy!”

“I heard! Sauro, come back! Bring them to the ground!”


The entertainment tonight had certainly taken quite a turn.


“This is the reality.”

“A world of monsters.”


Maki and Chiharu whispered to each other in shock.

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  1. But the Gazers just want to have fun too! Does no one notice how they are just like the others by following the two saints? lol I guess the ruse is up, everyone would have heard them shouting their names. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Somehow I am glad those Gazers are not as powerfull as The Beholder. If they did, it would’ve been a disaster…

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