Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 7


“What should we do now?”

“Regardless of how much money we have, or our position as automatic gem production machines, I would still like to have a job.”

“That’s true.”

“But if we have clothing, food, and shelter secured for us, we should start with something that we want to do. I think that it’s part of our job to use the money as well.”


Chiharu said. They didn’t have to start some big initiative just yet, they should try and use the money that had been saved for them.


“I want to go to Rasche’s country!”

“You mean Zynis.”

“Right. I wonder if they are all like him. Do you think there are cat people too? What about pandas?”

“I doubt there are so many different types.”

“They also said something about a train.”

“Oh, that would be fun! I wonder if they sell food inside?”

“I bet they do. It’s an old style after all. There will be tea that’s not in plastic bottle and sandwiches.”

“Maybe the tea will be in unglazed pottery.”

“That you can toss out the window when you’re done?”

“Maybe each train station will have their own special foods.”

“Like lunch boxes.”


Both of them were now quite carried away with making future plans.


“I wonder what Aeris’ country is like.”

“He is an elf. They live in forests.”

“I read somewhere that they mainly eat thin cookies and avoid any meat.”

“And they like archery.”

“Why do they need bows if they don’t eat meat?”

“Well, maybe they do eat meat then.”

“We will have to learn more about this world if we want to travel.”

“Research first, huh?”


After that, they continued to discuss what they would do, until Sera called to them.



That night, Edwy was making preparations to go to sleep.


“I couldn’t ask them their ages after all, but they are probably close to mine. But they seemed pretty mature, so maybe just a little older.”


There were paintings of the past Saintess’ in the royal palace. They all had dark hair and eyes and were generally short in height. The prince had seen these painting since he was young and been enraptured. And now there was one before him. Specifically, Chihaaru.


Of course, Maki was splendid as well. However, while Aeris had gotten there first, the way Chiharu had fainted only to come back with the most pragmatic reaction was something he could not forget.


Of course, he had the resolve to protect his people as the next king. But he also wanted to protect Chihaaru… Edwy was already considering changing everything for Chiharu at a moments notice, if she would only ask. Just then…


“Edwy, do you have a moment?”

“Aeris, Zynis. It’s rare for you to come to visit so late.”


His senior friends had come to take him somewhere.


“Where are we going?”

“Well, you will see.”


They were headed for the Saintess’ room. There were two guards by the door, along with Sera, the King and even Grudo.


“Father, you’re here too?”


The king gestured for him to be silent. Quiet? But why?


This room was a normal guest room, there was no sitting room inside. In other words, Chihaaru was just behind the one door. Of course, so was Maki.


He tried to quiet the beating of his heart as he slowly walked closer to the others. And then he was startled.


There was a faint crying sound from the other side of the door. He couldn’t understand what was being said, but he could tell that they were taking turns saying something and crying. Edwy looked at Aeris and Zynis. They nodded. They had told him to not be fooled by how cheerful they looked. So that’s what they meant.


They kept watch by the door, praying together until the sounds disappeared from behind the door.


They prayed that the darkness would at least be kind to the two.

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Translator: I realize this chapter is late, but this is no way to react!

I will post more chapters soon. 😀


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  1. I really don’t understand the divide on opinion. I like this novel and translation as an easy going read quite a bit. I don’t feel like it is different than the summary at all.

  2. Hehe. It’s not a big deal. All the other series I translate had moderate to good ratings. I just found it funny.

    Though I would find it a little sad if someone didn’t give it a try because of it.

    • Most likely in their sleep, and if not then I can tell you that it is easier to fall into depression right before going to sleep if you have something to be sad/worried about (being stuck in this world until the day they die is a reasonable cause).

  3. I’m with Reaper Phoenix on this…it might SOUND like they’re crying, but I kind of doubt that they actually ARE, lol. Maybe they’re making it SEEM like they are. Then again, they DID say that they would think about the bad things at night, and deal with what they had to deal with during the day.

    That said, I would like to request that we please get Previous Chapter and Next Chapter links for each chapter, please (they can link to the first part of each chapter, as that would honestly make the most sense anyway). It’s quite a pain to navigate between chapters right now, and that alone is liable to turn some people off from wanting to read it, lol.

    Anyway, thanks for the chapter! Looking forward to reading more~ ^^

    • Thanks. All the chapters in the ‘Other Novels’ category are novels I’m not 100% committed to translating and so I haven’t added those things yet. I do plan on maybe doing daily releases for “Two Saints” though.

  4. First thanks for the update, this is so refreshing. Almost every isekai has this adventure and that cheat right off the bat, no matter if it’s shounen or shoujo, male or female protagonists, but…

    They entirely skipped this stage of confusion and denial upon arrival at isekai, which I believe is most realistically depicted in this series. This makes it easier to get divided opinions, and at the same time a break through.

    Second thanks for you for picking this up, I really enjoy it. May you live healthily and happily (so you don’t stop translating this lol)

  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    Well, between the bakas who hate female protagonists (I didn’t know that was a thing!), those who hate slower, “slice of life” type novels & those who just want to hate on isekai, you’ll get a lot fools, sadly.
    I find this take on isekai refreshing: 2 smart, good friends, no backstabbing melodramatic teenage nonsense; adult, rational women, no pathetic characters; focus on something other than harem wish fulfillment…; interesting reactions & preparations from the locals.

  6. Friendly reminder,
    Everytime someone posted new series on NU, there wilk be a nice asshole who gives it 1★ as its first rating.

    Trust me. I saw such scene happened too much I become used to it.
    Ignore the troll, don’t let them ruin your mood on enjoying your hobby.

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