10 Years After – 10


“Still, I’m the one who came to this nest first. I even got the quest from the guild.”

“That may be the case, but…”

“What if we worked together to kill it? Or do you have no choice but to do it completely alone?”

“I can still save my tribe from the disgrace, even with your cooperation.”

“Well, that’s a relief.”


And so I started to walk again.

Shia chased after me. Her thick tail swayed every time she walked.


“I have my reasons for fighting…but Mister Locke, you can still run away.”

“I have no reason to. I’m not afraid of any Vampire Lord.”

“Well, I…”


She was impressed.


“Let’s hurry up a little. Vampires become more active during the night.”

“That is true.”


I started to run.

As Shia caught up with me, I handed her the Devil King sword.


“What for?”

“You must be worried about your current sword. So I’m lending you this one.”

“But then you won’t have one…”

“I’m strong even when bare-handed.”


So saying, I practically forced Shia to take the sword.


“…I am grateful.”

“Don’t mention it.”


As we ran, we encountered three goblins.




I don’t even stop.

As I run past them, I slam a fist into the face of one.

The goblin flew into the wall and stopped moving.




The remaining two were mortified.

I kicked one. Its skull cracked and it rolled limply to the floor.


The last one ran away at top speed.

But I was faster. I caught up to it and slammed a foot into it.

It rolled over the floor and remained still.


“Yo-you really are strong with your bare hands.”



I was actually a Sorcerer. And I had also risen to S Rank.

And my physical capabilities were not low, I think.


I usually had Eric and the others hold the front line as I supported them with magic from the rear.

Eric and Goran were also abnormally capable.

There was no chance that enemies would get passed them and reach me.


However, fighting solo for 10 years had built me up physically.

I had to dodge their vicious attacks and shoot powerful magic back at them.


Compared to all that, handling goblins with my bare hands was nothing.


I kicked a few more goblins after that, as we ran to deeper in.


It did not take long to reach the furthest depths.

There, a tall and handsome vampire stood with an irritated expression.

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