10 Years After – 103


Grulf growled once and wagged his tail. He was probably saying that there were no more.

And so I patted him on the head.


A short distance from us, Shia was talking to Nia.


“Do you think that there are any more?”

“I don’t think there are any, sister!”

“And why do you think that?”


Shia was constantly teaching Nia.

I was sure that Nia would become a great Adventurer under Shia’s guidance.


As I thought this and watched Shia and Nia, Serulis walked over to me.


“What is it?”



Serulis fidgeted. I figured it out.

She wanted me to question her, just like Shia was doing to Nia.


“So, Serulis. Do you think there are more goblins here?”

“No! I do not think there is.”

“And why is that?”

“Because of the number of footprints near the entrance. And also…”


Serulis explained as well as she could.


“Hmm. Correct.”


Serulis raised a triumphant fist in the air.


After that, we all gathered the magic stones from the goblins.

Shia carefully taught Nia how to remove them.

It was one of the necessary skills when becoming an Adventurer.


After taking out the stones, we decided to burn the carcasses later, and explore the ruins.


“There doesn’t seem to be anything here.”


It was just very wide with a very high ceiling.

We didn’t find anything interesting, and Nia was visibly disappointed.


“Nia. Most ruins don’t really have anything to discover, you know.”


“But even if they are empty, you can learn things about the past from the structure.”

“Yes, sister. I will keep that in mind!”


As the sisters talked like this, Serulis said,


“Maybe there is something magical here?”

“There is definitely no magic cast on this place.”

“No hidden doors with concealment spells…?”

“Not at all.”


I said, and Serulis too looked disappointed.

She looked just like Nia now. It was a little funny.


“I see. That’s too bad.”

“But I do feel magic energy.”

“Magic energy? What do you mean?”

“It means that at some time in the past, the cave was under a spell. Maybe a Sorcerer has been here before.”



Serulis tilted her head to the side.

Just then, a violent burst of fire blew in from the entrance of the cave.

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