10 Years After – 107


Then it would be better for me to tell her myself.


“I think I will tell her once we get back.”

“That’s a good idea.”


Serulis said with a smile.

She liked Milka and was perhaps worried that she would feel left out.


The road home was peaceful and uneventful.

On the way, Shia continued to teach Nia about being an Adventurer.

She was a very caring teacher.


After arriving in the city, we went to the guild to report that we had finished the quest and then submitted the magical stones before going home.

Milka greeted us when we arrived at the mansion.


“Mister Locke, welcome home. And welcome back to the rest of you as well.”



The others all greeted her, then Milka said,


“Mister Locke, you have a guest.”

“A guest? Is it Eric?”



And so I left the others and went to the drawing room. Shia and Nia’s father was there.

He quickly stood up and bowed when I entered the room.

There was a cane right next to him that he likely used when walking.

Even if he could stand, it was probably not easy.


“Ah, Chief Danton. Please don’t tire yourself. Have a seat.”


I said in greeting. Shia’s father stood upright then and tried to lower his head.

And so I quickly made him take a seat and sat down myself.

Then he bowed once again.


“I haven’t seen you since the ceremony after the High Lord hunt.”


Shia and Nia’s father was called Danton.

I had learned this when I last talked to him.


“Ah, Locke. It seems that you have been helping my daughters.”

“No, if anything, they have been helping me. But how are your wounds?”

“Thank you. I am feeling much better now. At least, I have no trouble in the day to day tasks.”


During the award ceremony, Danton’s right arm had been in a sling.

But he didn’t have one now. His arm must have healed.


“I am glad to hear it.”


As Milka went to prepare some tea, she called for Shia and Nia.

They came immediately.


“Fa-father! Why have you come so suddenly?”

“It is only normal for a father to visit someone who is helping his daughters.”

“That may be, but…”


Danton looked worried.


“I had heard that you were helping Shia, and so I always meant to visit you eventually.”

“Oh, it’s nothing! In fact, she has helped me greatly on my investigations.”

“Thank you for saying that… However, now that Nia is here as well… Are you sure that they are not being a nuisance?”

“No, not at all. You must not worry about that.”


I said, much to Danton’s relief.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!😉
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