10 Years After – 114


‘Grulf. Return to the entrance as quietly as you can. Nia, you follow after him. I’ll take the rear.’


Grulf obeyed quietly and began to walk.

Nia and I followed.


I recalled the Goblin Lord that Shia and I had first encountered.

That Goblin Lord was the underling of a Vampire Lord.

Not that much time had passed since then, and yet it was almost nostalgic.


Just as I had taken my third step back to the entrance, I felt something move right behind me.

A sharp slash of a blade. I quickly block it with the Devil King Sword. 

The blades clashed and sparks flew.


The person who had attacked was a handsome man. He appeared to have fangs.


“Are you a vampire?”

“No human should be able to stop my attacks.”


He said with an amused laugh. A Lord, no, a High Lord?


I glanced back at Nia. Nia and Grulf were both slowly backing away from us. Nia had her sword up and Grulf crouching, as if getting ready to jump.


That was good. But a vampire was too much for Nia to handle.

And so I needed to insure that the vampire looked only at me.


“Not sure if I should be flattered by that. Blocking a lesser vampire’s attempt at a surprise attack isn’t exactly difficult.”


The vampire’s eyebrows narrowed.

As of now, every single vampire I’ve met has been susceptible to taunts.

And so I wasn’t going to abandon this tactic just yet.


“You scum!”


Enraged, the vampire swung at me with all of his might.

This wasn’t a time for playing around. It wasn’t a time for testing one’s skill.

I had to kill him as quickly as possible.


I dodge the vampire’s sword by a hair’s breadth.

He must have been very confident that he would hit me. Because his sword went straight into the ground, splitting the floor open.

That caused him to lose his balance.


My sword swung horizontally.

His right arm, ribs, breastbone, lungs and heart, and his left arm. I cut through them one by one.



The vampire’s terrible cry rang loudly.


“Ahh! Come! Quickly!”

The vampire shouted. And then the goblin lord appeared from the back room.


“So you caught an overgrown goblin, did you? It must be hard being a lesser vampire with no real servants.”

“Hey! Kill this man!”


The vampire screamed. He was just a head and shoulders now.




The goblin lord roared and swung his club made of stone.

This was annoying. I would not give him enough time to strike at me even once.

And so I rushed forward in an instant and took off his head with a quick swing.

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  1. Golbat attacks with air slash attack is ineffective, Golbat becomes confused. Locke uses taunt against Golbat attack is supper effective, Golbat is enraged. Locke uses slash attack super effective critical hit. Golbat uses substitution.

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