10 Years After – 117


And the dark ones had a tool that could fool the barrier. But it was supposedly rare.

If they wanted to send a great number into the city, they would probably use lesser vampires or lower.


We would have to consider the possibility that there were some in the city now.


I thought on this as we moved to the next room.

There were three goblins and a strange-looking machine.


“Nia! Grulf!”




Nia and Grulf quickly disposed of both the goblins. I also took one down.

Perhaps these goblins were workers who kept the machine running.


I looked at the machine. It was not very big.

It was smaller than Grulf.


“So this is the machine that can make the Fool’s Stone?”

“I think it is…”

“But how do you use it…”

“Hmm… I have no idea.”


I didn’t know how to operate it.


“You would think it would be quite simple, since goblins were able to do it.”



Grulf began to sniff at the machine.


“Well, I might as well put it in my bag then.”

“What? Would it fit?”

“It’s a very expensive magic bag.”


And the capacity was immense. The entrance could also stretch a great deal.

Something that was too huge wouldn’t fit, but a Grulf-size machine would fit just fine.

And so I put the machine in my bag so it could be studied later.

The magic bag remained the same weight regardless of its contents, which was very convenient.


After that, we took the magic stones from the goblins and cleaned up.

That included picking up the fragments from the shattered mirror.


Then we dragged the goblin corpses out of the cave, where Kathe was waiting for us.


“You took long enough!”

“There were not only goblins, but vampires.”

“…How horrible. Vampires inside a dragon ruin… Unforgivable!”

“Indeed. Now, I would like to ask you about this machine…”


I said as I took the machine out of my bag.


“Oh, but you must not go around moving things in the ruin.”

“Sorry. But the vampires were up to some mischief and they were going to use it.”

“Then you are forgiven.”

“Do you know how to use this thing?”

“I do not. What is that, anyway?”


Apparently, Kathe did not know what it was.

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