10 Years After – 119


Perhaps it was because of the meat, but he seemed more energetic now.

I would have to remember to bring food with us next time for him to snack on.


We went through the city gates and walked straight towards the house.

We had killed a goblin lord and a Vampire Lord.

It was your duty to make a report about powerful enemies whether you killed them or not.

This information helped the guild understand the distribution, or population of strong monsters.


However, I had already told Goran, so it was probably fine.

Besides, it was not likely that they would believe that two F-rank Warriors had killed a goblin lord.


“Maybe we should buy something for the others.”


“A gift?”

“Is there anything you want to eat?”




Grulf agreed with Nia’s suggestion.

And so we entered a candy store and bought a lot of cookies.


“Can wolves eat cookies?”



Grulf looked worried.

He sensed the danger of being deprived of cookies.


“Grulf is a spirit beast, so it should be alright.”

“Really? What a relief, eh, Grulf?”



Grulf looked happy.


When we reached the mansion, Milka greeted us.


“Mister Locke. Welcome back! That was a very long walk.”

“A lot happened… Oh, we got you all something.”

“Snacks! I’ll put on some tea!”


Grulf wagged his tail excitedly.


“Wait. The snacks can come later!”


Grulf’s tail stopped in mid-air at Milka’s declaration.


“We should have lunch first! It’s mostly ready now, so I’ll bring it right away.”


And with that, Grulf’s tail wagged with a renewed vigor.

Even Lord Gerberga seemed to have been roused by the word ‘lunch,’ as he immediately woke up.

And with a flutter of wings, he popped out of the breastplate.


We had left right after breakfast, and so it was already time for lunch.

As soon as Milka left, Luchila, Serulis and Shia came in.


“Welcome back. Did Lord Gerberga enjoy his walk?”
“Yes. I think he got plenty of exercise.”


Lord Gerberga jumped into Luchila’s arms.


“Mister Locke. Kathe was so loud today.”

“You could hear it from here…?”


It must have echoed throughout the whole city. Damn that dragon.


“Welcome back. I hope that Nia didn’t cause you any trouble?”

“She didn’t cause any trouble at all.”

“That is good.”


Shia gently patted her sister on the head.


And then Milka returned.


“Here’s your lunch!”

“Thank you.”

“Here you go, Grulf.”


“And this is for you, Lord Gerberga.”


Grulf’s tail wagged.

His lunch was a mass of grilled meat.

Lord Gerberga’s lunch was a bowl of vegetables.

Lord Gerberga ate more than the average chicken.


As we ate lunch, I said,

“Now, let me tell you what happened on our walk.”


And everyone looked at me with interest.

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  1. Will now be the time that Milka is told? I bet it will be all nonchalant after the story of what happened like, “Oh right, Milka, I am actually Ruck” I can’t wait!


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