10 Years After – 124


“Thank you.”

“It will be unbearable if that dragon’s roar echoes throughout the city every time.”

Eric said with a laugh.


After that, Goran came to the mansion, just as I was going to talk about the Most High King.

Goran had said that he would drop by after work. But it was still just a little past midday.


“You’re quite early, Goran.”

“Aye. I just gave them some orders and left. In general, my best subordinates can handle everything if need be.”


And then Goran looked at Eric.


“Ah, you are here too, Eric.”

“You came at a good time. Here, take one of these.”

“Ah, one of those communication rings, eh?”


Eric handed one of them to Goran.

I guess that was what they were called.


And then I explained the whole thing to Goran.

About Kathe. About the alchemy machine in the dragon ruins.

And the Most High King.


“The Most High King of the dark ones, eh? A vampire above the Vampire High Lord?”

“I think that it is possible.”

“I will have the guild look into it then.”

“Thank you.”


Eric said.


“Locke. This dragon, Kathe. Do you think we can get along?”

“Indeed. I think we can.”

“It would be good to be allies. Would that be possible?”


Eric said with a serious expression.


“It is, but…”

“Is there something you’re not sure about?”


Goran asked, and so I explained.

Kathe was very passionate about saving the dragon ruins.

I was not sure that Kathe would care to cooperate with anything else.


“I see. In any case, we must avoid becoming enemies. Locke. Can I ask you to negotiate?”

“I will try.”

“Just in case, I will send a message throughout the guild. Ruins are not to be messed with or even entered.”

“That would be great.”

“Though, I do not know if every Adventurer will obey it…”


They tended to be very free people.

And there were many bad people among the lower ranks.


“I understand that as well.”


I petted Grulf and thought about how to deal with Kathe.

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