10 Years After – 14




I hesitated. Should we really tell them the truth?

Ario and Josh were friends and we were in the same party.

It was a common courtesy to share information about the enemies you encountered.


“It was a Vampire Lord.”




Ario and Josh gasped.

And so I told them seriously.


“Shia and I killed him. But please don’t tell anyone else.”

“Why must it be a secret?”

“Well, there are reasons.”

“Reasons, huh…”


Ario and Josh did not seem wholly convinced by this.

I didn’t really know how to explain it to them.

I could just be honest about it, but I also felt that it would not be good for them to know my true identity.


As I pondered this,

“It was necessary to kill this Vampire Lord in order to clear my tribe’s name.”

Shia offered helpfully from the side.


“So that’s why.”

“While we were able to kill him and clear our name… It would still be preferable if it were not widely known.”


Even now, it might be humiliating for some.

It wasn’t something that you would proudly want to talk about.

Ario and Josh seemed to understand this explanation.


“That’s true. We won’t tell anyone about the Vampire Lord then.”

“But, wouldn’t you have to make a report about it to the guild?”


Adventurers had a duty to report any encounters with especially dangerous monsters.


“I shall make a report of it myself, and ask the guild to keep my name out of it.”

“I see. That’s good.”


Shia really helped me here. I would have to thank her later.


As we talked like this, the last of the magic stones were gathered.

There were over 50 of them in all.


Josh muttered with a serious expression.


“Seeing how many there are… It makes me really angry at myself for underestimating their number.”

“It’s hard to estimate such things.”


I said encouragingly.

Then I turned to Ario and Josh and said with a more cheerful voice.


“It was a good thing we hunted this pack down before they could attack the village.”

“Ah, yes, it was.”



Ario and Josh nodded.

50 goblins that were led by a Goblin Lord would be enough to destroy the entire village.


“It was very lucky for all of us.”


I said, and Ario and Josh agreed.

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