10 Years After – 147


The head of an Evil God had been summoned then, and I killed it.


“But I only made one Evil God idol…”

“I see.”

“This one is clearly much more detailed than the one I made.”

Philly talked a little more politely when she was around Eric or Dorgo.


“Well, you were forced to make it. This one was likely the work of passion.”

“I agree with you.”

“And it is made of the Fool’s Stone?”



Philly declared. And so it must be right.


“So we should probably assume that they have no shortage of Fool’s Stones then.”

I said. And Eric and Goran nodded.


“Yes. It is practically confirmed now.”

“Things have become quite dangerous.”


Dorgo put his hand in the bag again and took something else out.


“And I also found this…”



Grulf howled just as Dorgo put it on the table.

It did look familiar.


“Is that…a forbidden ham?”



Dorgo looked at me oddly.

They called them forbidden hams in the Mendilibar Kingdom.


“In our country, we call them forbidden hams.”

“I see. In that case, you also know what they are used for?”


And so I told Dorgo what I knew about them.


They were cursed tools. We had found one in Kabino’s house.

While they looked like ham, they were made of the flesh of holy beasts and had blasphemous curses cast on them. They were used to break through the barrier around the capital and to summon Evil Gods.


In the kingdom of Mendilibar, even owning one could result in the death penalty.


“We see these forbidden hams as incredibly dangerous.”

“So they had an Evil God idol and a forbidden ham at the same time. That means…”

“They were probably going to summon an Evil God.”


Their plans were moving very quickly.

Dorgo said,


“But it would take an immense amount of curses to actually summon an Evil God.”

“That’s true.”


There was likely to be an increase of humans who are attacked by dark ones.

We would have to be watchful.


“And that is why the dark ones have targeted dragons.”

“The dragons?”

“Yes. We are stronger than humans and have lived longer. This means that they can gather much more curses from each of us.”


Apparently, there was another reason that dragons were being attacked by the dark ones.

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