10 Years After – 154


“The Wind Dragon King palace. Or even the water dragon settlement. If they would fall into the hands of enemies, they would be able to come here.”

“That…is quite true.”

“Even if they are not taken over by the enemy, they would just need to enter the room with the teleportation circle in order to enter this house.”


It was possible that someone could just sneak into that room.

In other words, there would be more routes leading here for the enemy to take.


“I see. I will have to be cautious.”

“Yes. Considering the risk, you would have to be very careful when installing these.”

“Yes, I will be careful then.”


I thought about it for a while.


“I will have to choose a special room to place them in.”

“That would be for the best.”


But which room?

Currently, everything that was secretive was kept in the hidden room in the basement.

The entrance to the secret passage and Philly’s laboratory were all underground.


Kathe pondered on this and then said,


“Hmm. I think they should be underground.”

“No. If they did happen to get in, they would have a clear path to the royal palace.”

“Oh, I see. That would be a problem.”

“I think that I’ll have to use one of the spare rooms on the first floor.”


But it wouldn’t do if they broke in through the windows or walls.

And so I would have to tightly protect everything with magic.

But then again, I didn’t want to make it too obvious from the outside that the room was being protected.


“Hmm. It might take time to prepare everything.”


I thought about it a little more before making a decision.


I needed a room that could not be seen from the outside.

In the end, that meant underground.

So I had to make a different underground room that was separated from the secret passage.


I decided to use one of the rooms on the first floor for this.

And so I cut out part of the floor with magic and dug a hole through the exposed soil.


“We can set them up here.”

“I see. That is a good idea.”


Dorgo agreed.

And then I protected the room with magic. Carefully, so it was very secure.

Then a door was placed over the hole and it was finished.


“I registered you and Kathe, so you can open it.”

“Thank you very much.”

“That is a great help!”


I would have to register Eric and Goran later as well.

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