10 Years After – 155

Let’s Go To The Water Dragon Settlement


At evening, Eric and Goran arrived at the mansion.

Milka immediately asked Eric,


“I already know what Mister Goran’s answer will be, but will you be having dinner with us, Mister Eric?”

“Uh, as much as I would like to…”


Apparently, Refi had scolded Eric for eating too much.

As he had been eating dinner both at the mansion and at the palace recently.

Besides, as the king, Eric often had to attend dinners as part of his job.


“Refi is quite scary when she’s angry…”

“Ahh…that’s right.”


I muttered, and Goran agreed.

Refi was our old party member. We knew how she could be.


“Still, Eric. Why don’t you just exercise after eating?”

“That’s what I was considering…”

“Alright, then I will put on some tea!”

“Thank you.”


And then I took Eric and Goran to the room with the magic circle.


“What is this?”

“It’s my new room for teleportation circles.”

“Hoho. And where do they lead?”


And so I explained it to them.”

At the same time, I had both Eric and Goran registered to the lock.


Dorgo looked very serious as he said,


“There is a risk, should the water dragon settlement or wind dragon palace fall.”

“That’s true.”


Eric nodded.


“I should have discussed this with you sooner, Your Majesty.”

“Don’t worry about it. The wind dragon palace is locked by magic now. And Locke is about to go and protect the water dragon settlement.”


Dorgo listened to this and smiled.


“Your Majesty has a lot of faith in Mister Locke.”

“Of course. If there was an enemy who could break through Locke’s protection magic, we would have to rethink our entire approach to dealing with them.”


An enemy who could break into the wind dragon palace now would be dangerous indeed.

It would be more dangerous if they didn’t use magic circles and attacked the city directly.


“It’s a good thing you can return quickly from the water dragon settlement.”

“Aye, it is very comforting.”


Goran and Eric were happy about that.


After that, we talked about what we would do.

According to Dorgo, the dragons wanted us to go to the settlement tomorrow.


“I shall go too!”

“I would like to accompany you!”

“Me too…”

“Mister Locke! Daddy! Please take me with you.”


Kathe, Shia, Nia and Serulis all expressed a desire to go.

Serulis looked especially earnest.


“Hmm. Indeed…”


It was a difficult decision. Perhaps we would need all the help we could get.

However, I had to consider the enemy that would be attacking the settlement.

They would mostly be Evil Dragons and Vampire Lords.

Kathe was one thing, but I wasn’t sure if the others would be able to do much.



Goran also seemed uncertain.


“Oh, you all want to come too? That’s wonderful!”


Kathe smiled and gave them all permission to accompany her.

Serulis was a little surprised at this.


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