10 Years After – 159




They all said.

It seemed that dragons thought very differently from humans.


Or maybe they just felt that there was a very big difference between humans and them.

Just like human subjects would not berate the king’s dog for licking the king’s face.


But I didn’t think that they necessarily saw us as dogs either.

After all, I could see how respectful their attitude was towards me and Eric.

They just understood that we were from different cultures, and so they did not want to force their rules onto us.


I could tell by looking at Dorgo. The expectations for human and dragon guests were not the same.


“So that’s what the water dragons think.”

“Yes! So you can just call me Leea.”

“I understand now. Leea.”



Leea laughed happily.

Serulis watched this and smiled.


“Leea, you look so happy.”

“Yes, I have never had friends who were near my own age before.”


While all of the other water dragons were friendly, they were still her subjects.

And so they could not be friends.


“Huh? What about me? Am I not your friend, Leea?”


Kathe looked very shocked.

Apparently, she had been the only one to make that assumption. Poor thing.


“You’re like an older sister, Kathe. An older sister. We are friends, but not close in age.”

“Hmph. Our difference in age is barely noticeable when considering the long life of dragons. Barely noticeable.”

“But, I think it’s still different.”


Leea considered herself still a child compared to Kathe, who had succeeded her father.

And so she did not see Kathe as a child in her age range.


“I see. So I am from a different age…”

Kathe was in a terrible shock.


“Kathe. You should be happy that you are still seen as a friend.”

“Yes. Sister Kathe is a friend.”

“So I am still a friend. That’s good.”


Kathe looked like she didn’t have many friends, so it really was good.

I was a little relieved for her sake.

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