10 Years After – 164


At least Dorgo would be able to come quickly. That made me feel better.


“I’ll try to finish things before Eric and Goran arrive.”

‘Yes, I hope that we are just wasting our time.’

‘That would be for the best.’


Just then, a fireball flew passed me. It was huge.

Then I saw Morris fighting the evil dragons and vampires.

There were many enemies.

Morris and the water dragons seemed to be struggling greatly.


I had been wondering why I had not heard from him since the first call for help.

And I now saw that he was fighting too desperately to be able to talk.


“Actually, you two might want to hurry.”

I said into the bracelet. Then I unleashed a magic bullet.

It slammed into an evil dragon that was about to bite a water dragon.


It wailed in pain. But it did not die.


And that had been a very powerful bullet. The average dragon would have fallen.

But not the evil dragon.


Not only did it not fall, but its attention was now on me.

I shouted at it.


“Fight me first!”


And then I shot out 30 magic bullets all at once.


There were two types of reactions from the vampire lords and evil dragons.

Some underestimated me, and accepted the blow.

Others sensed the danger and desperately dodged them.




Two vampire lords and three evil dragons took lethal blows because they lacked caution.

The other water dragons quickly put an end to them.


The ones who had seen the danger and dodged the attack were the more dangerous.

And my attention moved towards those powerful enemies.


Without hesitation, I charged forward.

The breath of the evil dragons and the magic of the vampire lords shot out towards me.


I increased my speed.

Their magic and breath landed where I had been a moment ago.



There was a loud grinding sound as dirt shot up into the air along with a storm of rocks.

The air became full of dust.


“Mister Ruck!”


Morris’s frantic scream echoed in my ears.

At the same time, I jumped out of the cloud of dust and cut off the first evil dragon’s head with the Devil King Sword.

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