10 Years After – 168


“You fought very well today, Grulf.”



His tail was wagging.


“Oh, Grulf did well?”

Goran asked. And so I talked about what he had done in the fight.

It was also in order to tell them about how the vampires fought.


“When you are fighting the evil dragons, the vampires will turn into mist so they can appear right behind you.”

“That would be hard to deal with.”

“But it is then that Grulf would tear into their throats.”

“Ohh, that’s brilliant.”

“Not only that, but they can’t turn back into mist when Grulf is biting them.”

“Really? I suppose it is similar to how the beastkin wolf are strong against vampire attacks.”


I talked about Grulf’s accomplishments in the fight as I petted him.


“Still, it is really terrible that they have teamed up with these evil dragons.”

“It is not too bad for us, but the others will find them difficult to fight.”


As we talked like this, Dorgo and Kathe came.

For some reason, Leea and a man we didn’t know was also there.

He looked about the same age as us.


“What is it?”

“We thought we would sleep here too.”

“It’s too much trouble going back to your mansion, Locke!”


Dorgo and Kathe said.


“And who is this?”

“I am Morris.”


Grand Chamberlain Morris could also turn into a human.


“If you can turn into a human, does that mean you are part of the royal family?”

“I am the younger brother of the former queen, Leea’s mother. So I am her uncle.”

“I see.”


Kathe and Leea got into the same bed.


“I’m going to stay with you, sister Kathe.”

“We are friends, after all!”


They both looked happy. That was good.

Dorgo also got into a bed. Morris took the bed next to his.

Apparently, he was going to sleep here too.

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