10 Years After – 171


“You still can’t.”


Serulis wouldn’t back down. But I flatly refused.

She looked angry. Her eyes looked tearful.

I felt bad for her, but it was preferable to allowing it and having her die.


“It’s too bad… But I know I will just get in the way.”


Nia said. She was sad but also looked optimistic.

She understood that she needed to get stronger so that she wouldn’t have to run away anymore.


Shia looked to Serulis and said with a smile,


“Well, those pesky machines really are little out of our league!”

“But… If it’s just against the vampires…I can…”

“That may be, but then it won’t just be Nia, but both of us who get in the way.”


The water dragons were kind. They would protect them if they needed help.

Even if Serulis and the others were saved, it would harm the water dragons.

And even Serulis would not want that.


“Then Serulis, why don’t you join us beastkin wolves?”



Shia looked at me.


“Mister Locke. You are currently trying to destroy their base, aren’t you?”

“…I’m surprised you know. Yes, we are.”

“Because things will only get worse at this rate.”


I hadn’t told them of my conversation with Eric and Dorgo yet.

She had probably just realized it was the right decision based on circumstances. She was a B-rank Adventurer, after all.


“His Majesty will come to us beastkin for information on the vampires.”

“He likely will, yes.”

“If there is little we can do in the water dragon settlement, we will just do what we can do.”


That was still dangerous.

But it was a danger that came with being an Adventurer.


“Shia. I would like that. Please take me with you.”

Serulis said with a bow.

Still, I couldn’t agree to it just like that.

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