10 Years After – 174


“The enemy has cleverly erased their tracks…but we are narrowing down the possible locations by looking at the shifting monster population.”

“You can tell by looking at that?”

“The dark ones are mortal enemies of many monsters. With High Lords and the forces of the Most High King there, the monster population is bound to change greatly.”

“The monsters become food for the dark ones.”


They believed the population would go down because monsters would run away or be hunted down.


“We also want to find out about the human population…”

“But it’s difficult for us to find out.”


I wasn’t sure about Dorgo, but Kathe couldn’t even tell the difference between humans and goblins.

Besides, they would just scare everyone if they tried flying over a human settlement.


“You should leave that to Eric.”


As we talked about this, Grulf started to play with Kathe.

He put his paws on her shoulders and licked her face.

Kathe petted him happily.


Then Serulis and Shia arrived.

They were both covered in sweat. They had probably been training.


“Shia, Serulis. Welcome back.”

“Good evening!”

“We’re back.”

“Where is Nia?”

“Nia was training with us too. But she went directly to go and help Milka.”

“I hope she’s not too tired.”


Even though she was an apprentice, surely she should be allowed to rest after practice.

Nia was very serious about her training.

And so I headed to the kitchen to take her place.

It was just as I stood up that Serulis said hesitantly,


“Um, Mister Locke. How did it go?”

“The magic tool, you mean?”


“We did a lot of research. But it will take a little more time… But don’t worry, we’ll try to finish it soon.”

“Thank you, Mister Locke.”


Kathe tilted her head to the side.


“Oh, yes. I heard from Milka that you went to the library today. Were you doing research on magic tools?”

“We were. Philly and I went to the palace library.”


Dorgo reacted to this.


“Magic tools, eh? What kind?”

“I wanted to make an accessory to raise mental resistance…”

I explained to them that I wanted to make it for Serulis.


“I see…”

“Yes, Charm is very dangerous.”


Dorgo thought for a while and then said,


“A tool to raise mental resistance. Hmm. I may be able to help you with that.”


“We wind dragons are very good with alchemy. So we have books on it. Though, I am not sure if they will help you.”

“Thank you!”


And so it was decided that when Philly returned the next day, we would go to the wind dragon palace.

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