10 Years After – 183


I turned to Dorgo.


“Would you mind circling the area?”



He slowly circled the place from above.

And I searched for the giant barrier and the important areas.

It was cleverly hidden, but I was able to get a good idea of where it was.


“There are twelve cores that make up the barrier. It’s a dangerous type that requires that you destroy all of them within a short period, or it will restore itself.”


The barrier was big. It would take an hour to walk around it.

But Dorgo could fly around the area quickly. But it would still take time if we had to stop to break each one.

When I explained this to him, Dorgo looked troubled and said,


“What should we do? Perhaps we must give up trying to break the whole barrier. I suppose we will just have to land and force our way in?”

“No, let’s leave it to Locke. Locke, we’re counting on you.”

“There are no people around here. Locke. Just unleash your power.”

Eric and Goran had no doubts about my ability to destroy the barrier.


“It’s not that easy.”

“So you can’t do it?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“I see. Of course.”


Eric looked happy for some reason.

But if he expected me to be able to do it, I couldn’t disappoint him.




And so I unleashed my magic. Meteor Strike.

Twelve of them at the same time. I created gigantic magic circles above all twelve of the cores and called the meteors. And the meteors moved at an incredible speed the moment they appeared.

The air below the meteors was compressed and red hot.


The cores surrounding the barrier were set apart evenly.

And so I needed to activate the magic to summon multiple meteors that were very far apart at the same time.

It was incredibly difficult, but I did my best.



Dorgo cried out in surprise.


In a way, these meteors that I summoned were just giant boulders that were very hot. However, these kinds of attacks were hard to defend against. The barriers were mainly focused on magic defense.

And I used gravity magic to make the boulders fall faster.




And like that, the meteors crashed to the ground, sending tremendous shockwaves all over the area.

We could even feel them up high in the air.


“The barrier has been destroyed.”

“…Th-that was astounding.”


Dorgo said under his breath.

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  1. When he said that he wanted to use an aoe physical type magic attack, i already guess that he would use meteor. But lol, 12 of it at the same time, that’s hardcore. Bet around 40% of the hidden vampires had been annihilate.

    Tnx fir the chapter

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