10 Years After – 187


“Leave it to me.”

“I will go with you.”


Grulf and Shia wanted to come with me.

And so we headed for the entrance that the vampire boss had stepped out of.


“There were a lot of exits that the vampires had crawled out of.”

“Yes, that’s right.”


I had shot three fireballs.

And then the boss vampire and a swarm of lessers had flowed out of their holes.

There could still be more down there.


“Eric, Goran, and Serulis. You deal with them if they come out.”

“We know.”


And then I sent air down to the depths. And then we went inside.


“Shia, Grulf. Let me know if you notice anything.”




There was a room that had been carved out of solid rock. It was like a cave.

Shia went to inspect the piles of ashes on the ground.


“These are from dead vampires. It must have been from the fireballs. Oh, this… This one is from a Lord.”


She could tell their rank by looking at the magic stones that were in their ashes.

Anything above Lords had medals, which made them easy to single out.


And so we gathered all of the stones and continued walking.

The structure of the place was simple.

There was a path and a number of rooms on the sides like an ants nest.

They had doors once, but the fireballs had melted them.

And there were also numerous doors that led to the surface.


“It doesn’t seem like there are any survivors.”

“They probably all escaped after the fireballs.”

Before the doors melted.


“I guess it was a pretty effective attack after all.”

“It would not have done so much damage normally. It’s just that your fireballs are much stronger than most, Mister Locke.”


There was a mountain of burnt items at the end of the tunnel.


“What is this?”

“They look a little like the devices that they used for the evil god barrier.”

“Oh, they do…”



It looked like the magic tool that had been used by the Vampire High Lord that Shia and I had killed together.

There were also half-melted fragments of what looked like an evil god statue.


“They clearly weren’t expecting to be attacked with fire.”

Their cursed tools were about to be destroyed, and so they had escaped.


“I think they did expect it…”

She pointed to the melted doors.

“They just didn’t realize how powerful your attack would be.”


The doors were apparently made of metal that was strong against such attacks. But they had still melted.

Yes, that would have been quite a shock for them.


And so I gathered the remains of the evil god idols and magic tools before we returned to the surface.

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