10 Years After – 189


“Still, even though it is not official, our gratitude towards you is real. I promise you that the water dragons will always offer you help if you ever need it.”

“Thank you for your kind words.”


There would be a reward ceremony in the palace later on. But Leea would not attend.

And that was why she came. There was no fear of being seen by outsiders here.


And so Leea thanked each and every one of them and handed them short swords.

They were magical swords imbued with the power of water dragons. They had beautiful, blue blades.


“Please accept these as proof of our friendship.”

“We shall treasure them.”

They looked expensive enough to buy a mansion if they sold them. Of course, I am sure they would do no such thing.


“I want you to take one too, Locke.”

“I am very flattered, but it would not be fair to the others if I received one personally.”

The others received a sword as a tribe. So it was a little different.


“What are you talking about? Without you…”

The chiefs now repeated their words of gratitude.


Leea also joined.

“I want you to have it.”

“Thank you.”


The long, blue blade was beautiful, like a piece of art, but the decorations were simple.

It was not only stunning but durable and practical.

As the water dragons had cast purification magic on it, it seemed like it would be very effective against the dark ones.


And then Leea gave Shia, Nia and Serulis rings.

“I am giving this to you personally, not as the princess of the water dragons.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m so happy.”

“It’s because we are friends.”


Leea said with a smile.


And then Eric turned to the beastkin wolves.


“It was a great victory. However, this is not the end. I too have rewards to give. You must all come to my palace on the day after tomorrow.”

“Haha! Please leave the rest to us.”


Then Eric said in a loud voice.

“This victory was won by us all! The dark ones’ plan have been crushed! You should be proud!”




Shia and the beastkin all raised their voices in victory. Grulf joined them.

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Translator: The author recently changed the title of the web novel to “すごく頑張った男の物語” which translates to ‘A Story about a Man who Worked Very Hard/Did His Best.’ And also started erasing the titles for chapters and they are no longer separated into arcs. Apparently, it was just something the author felt like doing and doesn’t really mean anything. Regardless, I will continue to use the old title.

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  1. “A Story about a Man who Worked Very Hard/Did His Best”

    XD i fail how they will make this novel distinct from the others..
    since the trend now is to have a long specific title.

    thank you for the chapters~

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