10 Years After – 190


“…No, nevermind.”

I decided it was best not to say it.

Mana had been quite thick in that area.

A lot of evil dragons, Vampire Lords and Arch Vampires had died there.

So they would have taken in a lot of mana. And they had killed a number of them with their own hands as well.


I didn’t understand how it worked but killing the enemies yourself helped you grow faster.

And so I thought it would be good to take it easy until the immense volume of mana was able to settle within them.


The reason I didn’t say anything was that I didn’t want them to get overconfident about it.



Just then, Grulf pushed his nose around Serulis’s waist.



He began smelling her in earnest.

Serulis looked confused.


“He-hey! Grulf!”


Grulf would not stop smelling her.


“Uh, Mister Locke. Could I use your bathing room?”

“Of course. You don’t have to ask every time.”

“I could never be so rude. Shia, Nia. Let’s go.”




And so they headed for the bathing room.

She had probably thought that she smelled bad because of Grulf.



Lord Gerberga flapped his wings and flew over to Serulis’s shoulder.


“Do you want to wash up too, Lord Gerberga?”


“Alright, then we can go together!”


Lord Gerberga usually bathed with Luchila.

They would probably bathe together later on. Still, Lord Gerberga never missed an opportunity to take an extra bath.

Apparently, it was something he really enjoyed.



“Why don’t you go too, Grulf?”



But Grulf picked up the rope again and pressed it into my hand.

He would rather play than take a bath.

As a pup, playing was what he liked the most.


“Alright then.”


And so we continued our tug of war.


“You killed a lof of evil dragons and vampire lords too, didn’t you Grulf?”


“Have you gotten stronger too?”



Grulf wagged his tail happily.

He was probably confident that he had gotten stronger.


“Well, you better eat a lot then.”



And so Grulf played to his heart’s content.

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