10 Years After – 192


“It’s nothing.”

“Don’t mention it.”



Lord Gerberga poked his head out from my shirt.

Eric saw him and smiled.


“Lord Gerberga seems like he’s having fun.”



I don’t know if it was just me, but Lord Gerberga looked rather smug.


“Eric. How have you been dealing with things in the city?”

“Aye. I sent all my knights out to investigate every area. Their work completed this afternoon.”

“That’s fast.”

“Speed was very important.”


It had happened on the same day that we attacked the enemy’s main base. An attack on the royal capital.

But it was small in scale compared to the attack on the water dragon settlement.

It was a group of lesser and arch vampires that were led by a single Vampire Lord.

In all, there were about forty of them.


Goran said,

“If we hadn’t had a few beastkin wolves working as knights here, who knows how much damage the enemy would have done!”

“Aye. The measures Eric took really paid off. It’s amazing.”


I said. But Eric shook his head slowly.

“If anything, it was probably the magic bracelets that you and Philly made and gave to the guards that had a bigger effect.”

And so Eric thanked me and Philly.


“Locke. Philly. We owe you a lot. I thank you as a representative of the kingdom.”

“I barely did anything. It was mostly just Philly.”
“No-not at all.”



She was very humble. It was because she was trained as a noble of the higher ranks.

Tama must have sensed that she was nervous, and he seemed to become nervous as well.


I asked Eric,

“So the archs and the Lord were able to break through the barrier with magic tools?”


“They must have a lot of them now. This is bad.”

“Of course, we cannot be too careful. However, that is not the thing I am the most afraid about right not.”


Eric said with a severe expression.

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