10 Years After – 193


We tried our hardest to think back.

First, Serulis and the others had brought back information about the main base.

And then Dorgo and Eric were alerted with the communication bracelets and we gathered together at the water dragon settlement.

We prepared in a hurry and then went out to attack.


“I don’t know when the information could have leaked.”

“…Maybe it was the beastkin wolves?”


Eric immediately shook his head at this suggestion from Goran.

“No, it couldn’t be. Vampires are their mortal enemies. It would be impossible for one of them to leak information to the vampires.”


They would probably rather die than help vampires. That’s how they were like.

Not only that, but the beastkin wolves were immune to Charm and Hypnosis.


“Of course, I know that. Informants, Hypnosis, Charm. It’s all impossible. But informants aren’t the only way that information can leak.”

“Are you suggesting that they’ve been spied upon?”

“Aye, I am.”

“Indeed, vampires above arch vampires are able to turn invisible… Locke, do you think it’s possible that they were watching the beastkin wolves like that?”

“It’s hard to believe. The beastkin wolves have a sharp sense of smell. Besides, those kinds of vampire illusions usually don’t work on them.”


But Goran shook his head.


“That’s not what I mean. The beastkin wolves can tell who is a thrall, but they cannot tell if someone has been charmed.”

“…That’s true.”

“And it’s not as if the beastkin live completely independently, right? They have to trade with outsiders, such as merchants.”

Goran seemed to think there was a possibility that a merchant from the outside had been charmed.


“But could some merchant from the outside really get information about the attack?”

“It does not seem very likely. But it’s not impossible, either.”


Goran was right. It wasn’t impossible.

Eric said,


“Locke. Why don’t you go to the beastkin settlement and investigate? I know it’s a lot of trouble… But I hope you can do it.”


It really, really was a troublesome job that I didn’t want to do. That’s what I thought.

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