10 Years After – 197


“Miss Kathe can transform!”


As the children waited with expectation, Kathe ran into the forest.

This was because we had told her not to get naked in front of men.


When Kathe left, the children’s attention turned to Grulf.


“He’s huge!”


“A spirit beast! What’s he called?”


“Good boy, Grulf.”



The children started petting him. Grulf was now in a good mood.

He sniffed them and licked their faces.

Then Kathe returned. She was surprisingly fast.


“Children! I have returned!”



They looked at her with puzzled expressions.

It wasn’t exactly what they had been expecting.


“Huh? It is I! Kathe!”

“Oh. Huh. Miss Kathe. You look good.”

“Yes, I think so too.”


They said consolingly. They also did not move away from Grulf.

I felt sorry for Kathe, so I tried to comfort her.


“Well, don’t feel too bad. You just lack any impact now.”

“…I-I see…”


And then Danton said,


“We’ve kept you standing for long enough. Please come to my house.”

“Thank you.”


And so Danton led us to his house.

It was a large mansion.


“This is a fine house.”

“He is the chief, after all.”


According to Shia, the chief’s house was always in the center of their land.

As they held meetings here, the house had to be very large.

And it would also be a fortress when they fought against vampires.

So it was made of stone.


“Ah. I can see how it would be easy to defend.”

“I knew you would be able to tell, Locke.”


There was also water flowing in different places.

It was just a superstition that vampires couldn’t move over water.

However, it was true that they disliked running water. It slowed them down a little.


The building also let a lot of light in.

Of course, vampires did not die from being hit by sunlight.

However, they did not like it either.


And during a battle of life and death, even small things that affected speed could give you an advantage.


“I see that you’ve really thought about the nature of vampires. I will use it for reference.”

“Please do!”


Danton said happily.

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