10 Years After – 215



The dark wraith shrieked again. It seemed surprised.

Wraiths were very intelligent monsters. And dark wraiths appeared to be no different.

It must have been quite confident in its Dark Flame magic.


“I saw you.”


Just before it had unleashed its magic, I had seen a blurry outline of it.

It was like a black mist in the shape of a human.

But then it faded away when it shot at us. And it was now completely invisible again.

Even if I couldn’t see it, I still had Magic Exploration, so I had an idea of where it was.


“So…what to do.”


If it were a vampire, I would want to capture and question it.

But it was difficult to catch a wraith. After all, they were not flesh and bone.

They were magical energy with a will and a soul. That’s what a wraith was.


And you could say that a Dark Wraith was the remnants that the Evil God dropped into this world.

They were made of magic energy and curses.


“What are you going to do?”

“We can’t make a barrier in time!”


Kathe and Mors said as they came running behind me.

Water dragons were good with barriers, and barriers could trap wraiths.

However, he was not prepared. The wraith would run away before he could do it.


Without turning around, I said,

“I’ll do what I can for now.”

“We’ll leave it to you then!”


After seeing that its magic didn’t work on me, the dark wraith seemed to have decided to run.

It was trying to escape at full speed.

But it wasn’t particularly fast. Still, it was about the same as a horse.

We couldn’t dawdle.


I unleashed some magic in front of where it was running.

A large pillar of light appeared in front of the dark wraith.

It wasn’t so much magic as just a pillar of energy. Like a giant magic bullet.


“It’s so bright.”

Brighter than I was expecting. Maybe I had overdone it.



The Dark Wraith seemed to have become stunned as it stopped in front of the pillar.

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