10 Years After – 222


Children liked her better when she was a dragon.


“Sorry to keep you waiting!”




The kids swarmed around her when she returned.


“Hey, hey! Children. I cannot walk if you do that.”

Still, Kathe’s tail wagged up and down as if she were happy.


“…How nice.”

Serulis muttered with a hint of jealousy.

She wished that she were that popular with children.


“Hey! You are disturbing Miss Kathe!”

“Yes, you kids. Settle down and get out of her way.”


Shia and Danton scolded them. And so the children moved away from Kathe.

Kathe suddenly looked a little sad.


“I am ready now. You can all get on my back.”

“Yes, thank you. Grulf, you coming? You don’t have to…”



Grulf quickly jumped up onto Kathe’s back, as if to say that there was no way that he was being left behind.

Kathe sounded amused as she said,


“Ah! So it is Grulf who was the first to climb on top of me.”


“Lord Gerberga, please come into my jacket. It will protect you from the wind.”



Upon hearing those words, Lord Gerberga jumped into my jacket.

And then the rest of us all climbed onto Kathe’s back.

I had to help Luchila get up, but Shia, Nia, and Serulis could manage it alone.


Once we were all on, Kathe rose up into the air.


“Miss Kathe, the closest one is over there…”

“Ah, yes. I can see it with my own eyes from here!”


Kathe said as she started to fly towards it.


“You must have really good eyes then.”

“Of course, I do. Your eyes tend to improve if you look down at the ground from high in the sky.”

“I don’t know if that’s true. Well, eagles do have good eyes.”



Kathe’s tail swayed happily as she flew.

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