10 Years After – 224


“Luchila. Are you tired?”

“Just a little. But I am fine!”



Lord Gerberga was perched on Luchila’s shoulder. It seemed that he was also fine.

Using magic helped you grow. And she had watched me and Kathe use lots of magic.

So Luchila would have learned a lot.


Kathe continued to fly even as we talked.

This last settlement was a little farther away than the others.


“This one really is quite far.”

“It is. It is because it is the newest out of the 12 tribes.”


There were only so many places that were fit to make a settlement. And all of the best places that were close by had been taken.

So the newer tribes had to move further out.


“I can see it now.”


Still, Kathe’s wings meant it wasn’t too long of a journey. Here, we were again received very warmly.

It was quite dark now that the sun was setting, but the beastkin wolves didn’t seem to mind at all.

They were able to see in the dark.


“Mister Locke. Miss Kathe. Thank you all for coming.”

The person who greeted us was the youngest of the chiefs.


“We’re terribly sorry to bother you so late.”

“Oh, no! I never dreamed you would visit us so soon. I expected you to be here by midnight at the earliest.”

“That’s good to hear. Well, time is of the essence. Do you mind if we get to work?”

“Not at all. Thank you.”


And then I said to the others,


“This is the last one. Let’s do it properly.”




“Leave it to me!”




And so we got to work. As this was our 12th time doing it, we were very familiar with what to do.

We finished inspecting the mansion and moved on to the installation.


Partway into it, Danton contacted me through my bracelet.


‘Locke, I’m sorry to bother you when you’re so busy.’

“What is it?”

‘Well, I thought that I should tell you that there was a dark wraith attack shortly after sundown.’


Danton said very calmly.

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