10 Years After – 226


“Grrr! Groof! Groof!”


Grulf pounced on a dark wraith and killed it.

Once I had killed 5 and Grulf killed 2, the 3 remaining ones started to glow faintly.

They had decided to fire off some magic attacks while they ran. It was a good idea.


“Be careful!”




I could see the thin outlines of the dark wraiths as they desperately tried to escape.

At the same time, fireballs were launched towards us. They were quite powerful.


I dodged them and dashed forward.

Grulf followed my every move and charged.


However, just as I touched a dark wraith with my right hand and sucked the energy from it, I heard a noise.


Grulf let out a cry.


Just as he had killed one dark wraith with his fangs and claws, the other one had hit him with a fireball.

It was dangerous to focus on attacking so much that you forgot to defend yourself.

Grulf was still young, and was still not very skilled in combat.


“Grulf, don’t be reckless.”



At least the damage seemed to have been minimal. He quickly moved away from the dark wraith.

The fireball had mostly just skimmed him, and his fur was highly resistant to fire.



Nia didn’t miss her chance when the dark wraith became briefly visible, and she quickly fell upon it.

The enchanted sword cut through the dark wraith.




The dark wraith wailed and tried to disappear.

However, Nia did not back down. She continued to swing her sword once it was no longer visible.


“…She’s cutting it.”

Was it a mere coincidence? While not all of them, about 80% of her attacks were landing.

After a while, the dark wraith was annihilated.

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