10 Years After – 229


I wouldn’t know what kind of magic circle unless I activated it. And that would be incredibly difficult.


‘It has very strong Magic Protection cast on it. I’ll have to remove that first.’

‘Hmm. So you want to trigger it?’

‘Well, it’s possible that that is what the enemy wants us to do. So I’m not quite sure yet.’

‘But you won’t be able to study it unless you do it?’

‘Besides, why would they make it so difficult if they wanted you to do it…’


Kathe and Luchila were right. Luchila’s observation was especially sharp.

They would have made it easier if they wanted me to do it.


‘Yes. In fact, this is so difficult that it would take a palace sorcerer several years to activate.’

‘In that case, we should assume that they do not want us to do it.’

‘Since this one is likely to take some time, why don’t you check the other device first?’

‘But it wouldn’t take that long for Locke.’


Kathe said smugly.

It was true that it wouldn’t take me that long. But it was best to check both of them a little first.


‘Yes. I think I will inspect them both before really doing anything major.’

And so I decided to give the other device a look.


‘This one is also protected quite a bit. But not as much as the other one.’

‘I feel as if even I could find out what it is.’

‘While it would be a little hard, I think I could do it too.’

‘Oh? Then why don’t you give it a try, Luchila?’

‘Do you mean it?’


Luchila’s eyes shone. Like many Sorcerers, she had curiosity and the will to improve.

And that was an important personality trait if you wanted to grow as a Sorcerer.


‘Yeah, I’m leaving it to you. But I’ll help if you need it.’

‘I’m here too, so don’t worry about it!’


Kathe said as she wagged her tail happily.


‘Thank you.’

Luchila bowed before she moved to analyze the magic tool that was on the ground.


‘…It’s difficult. …But, huh? If you do this… Yes.’

Luchila muttered as she studied it with great concentration.


It was very difficult to analyze.

If I were to compare it to something, it would be like making numerous calculations.

You just needed time.

It was quite different than the one inside of the corpse.


‘Hmm. I think I can do it.’

Luchila was doing it faster than I had expected.

Not only was she doing it quickly, but she seemed to have found an efficient way of doing it.


As I watched on with surprise, she continued to work.

‘Oh, and then…’

Luchila was just about to say something when the magic tool exploded.

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