10 Years After – 230



I immediately created a magic barrier around it.

It covered it on all four sides but left the ceiling open. This was to let out the explosive wind.


I had been observing Luchila’s hands very carefully.

And so I had realized that it was a bomb even before it exploded.


Still, I had not been quick enough to tell Luchila to stop.

All I could do in the time I had was to create a barrier.


“I thought I was going to die! What power…”

Kathe said. She was sweating.


“Aye. Three of the barriers broke and the fourth has cracks in it.”

“What madness. To break three of your barriers…”


I looked at everyone.

“Is anyone hurt?”


Shia, Serulis, and Nia were silent. Thankfully, it seemed like everyone was fine.

Still, I had to make sure.


“Shia, Serulis, Nia. Are you all right?”

‘I-I’m fine.’


Shia said through Telepathy. Serulis and Nia nodded silently.

I suppose they took my order not to talk very seriously.


“You can all talk normally now.”


After all, the device we had suspected of being a listening device had now self-destructed.

So that was one thing we didn’t have to worry about now.


“I am not injured at all.”

Shia repeated.


“Uh, yes. I’m not injured either.”

“I’m fine.”


Serulis and Nia were also unharmed.


“What about you, Lord Gerberga and Grulf?”




Lord Gerberga was shaking within my jacket. Grulf had his tail between his legs.

They were clearly scared from the sound, light, and impact. But they weren’t injured.



Luchila had been the closest to the explosion and was the most shaken.

I decided to ignore the fact that the ground was wet.


Serulis helped Luchila to her feet.

I’m sure she would handle the rest as well.


As Kathe was inspecting the area of the explosion, I joined her.


“That was a very powerful explosion.”

“It really was.”


Just how powerful?

Had it been within the royal capital, it would have taken out a single district.

Not only that, but the shockwaves would have caused damage to surrounding buildings as well.


“If it had been analyzed in the palace… The entire palace might have been blown away.”

“That was likely their aim…”

“I think so too.”


While it hid the fact it was a magic tool, it hadn’t hidden its own existence.

That was because they wanted us to take it back to be investigated.

And it was difficult enough that it would take them time to analyze it.


“So its a device that explodes once you deactivate the concealment magic and start to analyze it.”

“What a dangerous thing they have created.”

“Yeah. There are not many devices with such explosive power…”


It wouldn’t be too hard to make something strong enough to kill a whole party.

But now, this meant that studying the enemy’s tools had become very dangerous.


Just then, Luchila shouted.


“Mi-Mister Locke!”

“Yeah, I know.”


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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