10 Years After – 230




Kathe looked to where Luchila was pointing. She was surprised.

The magic device that hadn’t exploded, the one inside of the lesser vampire body, it was now shining.

As it would be very hard to disarm, we had left it for later.


“What does it mean?”

“It looks like it’s activating automatically.”


I had analyzed it already and realized that there was a magic circle inside.

However, I didn’t know what kind it was.


But now it was growing larger. It was a gigantic magic circle.


“…It must be for teleportation.”


Just as I said this, a swarm of vampires appeared.

There were easily over 20 of them. And they weren’t stopping.

More and more vampires appeared from the circle.


“They keep coming! Should we kill them?”

“Of course. Don’t let a single one get away!”



“Got it!”



Kathe, Serulis, Shia, and Nia answered enthusiastically. I started to use my magic.

It was Terminus Icicle. The same magic I used when fighting the Evil God Head.


That being said, there were allies around me, so I couldn’t go all out.

While I had cast barriers on everyone, I kept the force of my magic low. The fact that we were outside also meant it would be weaker.

Still, all of the vampires that were currently there suddenly froze.




The ones that screamed were Vampire Lords and over, as they were more resistant to magic.

Arch Vampires and lower were all frozen to death.


“We got rid of the weak ones. But don’t let the others escape.”

“Leave it to me!”


Kathe was still in dragon form. Her sharp claws tore into the Vampire Lords.

Serulis unsheathed her sword and slashed into the closest lord.

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