10 Years After – 232


I had to kill him as quickly as possible and then go and support them.


“You stopped the blade of an F-Ranker like me! How impressive!”

“You will regret this insolence! I won’t let you die easily!”

“I don’t intend on dying easily.”


I forcefully wrenched sword out of his grip.

The High Lord quickly jumped back and then countered with a swing of his right arm.

At the same time, his left arm unleashed another Fireball. It was quite impressive.


But I rushed forward as if barely taking notice of either attack.

The Fireball went straight into my left palm…and then vanished. Drain Touch.

If you matched the wavelengths of magic perfectly, you could absorb it.

It was very difficult to do, but I had seen Fireballs from High Lords enough times to be able to do it.


His eyes widened. He was at the peak of confusion now.

However, his arms continued to swing at me.

It was a perfect attack. Most people would not survive if they were hit by such an attack.


And I was hit by it. For a split second, the High Lord smiled.

He had believed that he had won.

However, the moment that his sharp nails made contact, there was a loud cracking sound.

Previously, when I had fought a Vampire High Lord alongside Shia, I had learned a skilled called ‘Reactive Barrier.’

Of course, my version of it was much stronger than anything a High Lord could use.

And so the High Lord’s right arm exploded. Blood, flesh, and bones sprayed in the air like dust.




His mouth was still curled up, as if he had been frozen.

However, his eyes were wide with horror. These mismatched features were a bit comical.


I didn’t waste a second in cutting off his head with the Demon King Sword.

His expression remained as the head rolled on the ground.

Still, I could not relax until his entire body turned into ash. He was a Vampire High Lord, after all.

You couldn’t let a single drop of blood or piece of meat escape.


And so I activated Magic Detection while I cut the body to pieces with the Devil King Sword.

And then I used Drain Touch on the pieces.

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