10 Years After – 233

The Report after the Battle


And now, only the High Lord’s head remained. And so I used Drain Touch on his head and sucked all the magic.

I wouldn’t give him even the smallest chance of turning into bats or mist.


“Wait right there. I want to talk to you later.”

“…Don’t underestimate me, you mere mortal.”


The High Lord said. Then he turned into ash. He had killed himself so he couldn’t be questioned.

It was unfortunate that I couldn’t get any information.

I turned to Shia and the others and said:


“I killed the leader. The rest should be nothing. Let’s hurry up and kill them.”


“Yes! We’ll finish it right away!”


Shia and Serulis continued to fight the vampires.

As for Nia, Luchila, and Grulf, they were too busy to reply to me. Still, they seemed to be doing well.

Kathe was also busily sending vampires to their grave.


It seemed like they were no longer coming out of the teleportation circle.

The tide was already to our advantage, and now that I joined Shia and the others, it should all finish up very quickly.


Once all of the vampires were dead, I activated Magic Detection, just in case.

I wanted to be sure that there were none who got away.


“Luchia. I’m sure you are tired, but don’t forget to use Magic Detection.”

“Haaa…haa… Yes!”


As I was already doing it, Luhila could have actually rested.

However, this was part of her training. She needed to learn the ways of a Sorcerer during battle.


And so she obediently activated Magic Detection. In spite of being tired, it covered a wide range.

She was growing into a very good Sorcerer. Very reliable.

Of course, mine covered a much, much wider area.

There were no vampires or any other enemies in the area.


“What do you think, Luchila?”

“Yes. I don’t detect any enemies.”

“You did well. Overall, your movements were good.”



Lord Gerberga poked his head out of my jacket and clucked gently.

He was probably praising Luchila.


“Thank you. Mister Locke. Lord Gerberga.”

Luchila looked very happy.


“Shia, Nia, and Serullis. You’ve all become so much stronger.”

“Thank you, even if you’re just being polite.”

“Thank you!”

“Mister Locke doesn’t flatter people! I’m much more confident now.”


All three of them looked happy.



Grulf pressed his body into me. Perhaps he wanted to be praised as well.


“You’ve gotten stronger too, Grulf. You moved well.”



He wagged his tail happily.


“Still, that was a lot of vampires. How many in all?”

“There are close to 80.”

“That much… For now, start disposing of the bodies.”



Shia and the others got to work. As everything above an Arch Vampire turned into ash after death, it was relatively easy.

And then I decided to contact Eric and Goran.

Just then, I heard the beating of wings and saw that Kathe was approaching.

Her face was suddenly very close. As she was very large, it was a little overwhelming.


“Locke! Locke! How did I do?”


“In the battle… How well did I fight!”


Unlike Shia and the others, Kathe was strong from the beginning. And so I didn’t give her any critiques.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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