10 Years After – 233


I thought it would be rude. However, it seemed like Kathe had expected me to comment.


“You were strong too. I was very impressed.”

“I see.”


Kathe nodded with satisfaction and her tail swayed.

I watched her as I activated the communication bracelet in order to contact Eric and Goran.


“I have a little report to make.”

‘Oh, what happened? Is it related to the dark wraiths?’


Eric was the first to answer.

I had already told Eric, Goran, Dorgo and the water dragons about the dark wraiths.


“Exactly. Things have gotten a little complicated.”


Goran, Dorgo, Leea and Morris then came on a moment after Eric.

Once I knew they were all listening, I began to explain.


“I had just finished strengthening the beastkin wolves mansion and installed the magic devices…”


The dark wraith attack. The accompanying lesser vampires.

And then the mysterious magic devices and the explosion.

And how vampires had come out of a teleportation circle right after.

I told them all of this briskly.


“So, I’m planning on going through the teleportation circle and cleaning their place out.”

‘Wa-wait a minute!’

‘Not so fast, Locke.’


Goran and Eric said frantically.


“What? Is there a problem?”

‘There is nothing but problems! I’m going over right now, so wait for me.’

“But there isn’t any time. They might close the portal.”

‘Well, calm down. Locke.’


Eric said consolingly. Maybe he thought I was rushing things.


“If you insist, I will wait…”

‘For now, I want you to wait for 10 minutes.’

‘Can you wait for a while?’



After that, I could hear noises coming from Eric, Goran and Dorgo’s bracelets for quite some time.

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