10 Years After – 236


Kathe didn’t seem to understand that it didn’t put her in the best light. But it was better that way.

She now ran off in order to transform.

A little while ago, she would do it when there were other people present.

But Serulis and Luchila had scolded her.

She was starting to understand human culture.


Dorgo watched her leave and then said,


“Please take care of my daughter.”

“Yes. But she is really strong. So I’ll probably be the one that is protected.”
“As her father, it makes me very happy to hear you say that, Mister Locke.”


As we talked, Kathe returned to us in human form.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“That was fast.”

“Transforming and getting changed is easy!”


After looking at her, I could see what she meant.

It was similar to a poncho.


“He-hey! Kathe!”

“What is it, Serulis?”


Serulis looked a little frantic as she pulled Kathe away.


“That’s not something to wear to battle…”

“Refi might disagree.”


Goran and Eric muttered.

As Kathe was not wearing anything under it, it would hardly be decent.


“I’m so sorry. My daughter is so stupid.”

“Well, we have different cultures.”


I chuckled to the mortified Dorgo.

Then Serulis and Kathe returned. This time, she was wearing normal clothes.

It looked like what Serulis was wearing but in a different color.


“It’s fine now. Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Are you wearing Serulis’s clothes?”


“You’re very prepared.”

“I have lots of clothes in my magic bag.”


That was the daughter of Morton for you. She was an F-Rank Adventurer but had an expensive magic bag.


“It suits you, Kathe.”

“Do you think so? Hmm. It feels a little small to me.”

Kathe said as she tried stretching it.


“I don’t think so. Besides, it will be easier to move around in.”

“I see. Thank you, Serulis.”

Kathe seemed satisfied.


“So, it will be me, Kathe, Goran and Eric who will go. Oh, and Shia and Serulis.”


“You want to go too?”


“Alright, you can come.”

And so it was settled.

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  1. I mean… I once had an OC MC who literally went into battle dressed in illusions and nothing else. Like, butt-freaking naked, but wearing the illusion of a full suit of scale-mail armor. Sometimes wearing a real cloak on top of that.

    I mean, she didn’t need actual armor, her skin was pretty much impervious to swords and such on its own, but…

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