10 Years After – 237

The Enemy Territory


I turned to them all once again.


“I’ll go first. And no matter what the situation is, I’ll contact you.”

“So, if you don’t contact us, it’ll mean that the bracelet doesn’t work, right?”

“Exactly. And if that happens, you should destroy the magic circle immediately.”

“No, we’ll go in to help you.”


Eric insisted. I was happy to hear him say it, but it would not do.


“It could be an instant kill trap. We would all die then.”

“I see. An instant kill trap that even you can’t disarm.”


Eric did not look pleased, but Goran seemed to understand.


At least fifteen minutes had passed since the enemy came out of the magic circle.

Who knew when they would close it from the other side? I had to hurry.

And so after exchanging a few more words, I jumped through the circle.


My vision distorted and then there was a blinding light.

I was in a great hall that was brightly lit. The walls and floor were made of polished marble.

In fact, the hall was so large that a dragon like Kathe would fit inside comfortably.

There was one large door. It was also big enough for Kathe to pass through.


And there were 3 Arch Vampires standing in front of me. I quickly chopped off their heads with the Devil King sword.


As there were no other enemies in the room, I activated Magic Detection to see if there were any traps.

At the same time, I talked into my bracelet.


“I’m using Magic Detection now. But it seems to be safe here.”


While I didn’t get an answer, I did hear some breathing.

Eric didn’t know what the situation was here.

And so they were staying quiet, just in case.


Once I was sure that there were no traps,

“Alright, it is finished. You can come out now.”

Immediately, the teleportation circle flashed, and the others arrived.


‘We don’t know if they are listening to us or not. So let’s talk with telepathy.’

‘I know. So, where are we?’

Eric scowled.


‘This great room is made of marble. Do you think it might be a palace or castle?’

‘It could be, but I don’t believe there is such a building in our kingdom…’


Eric would have known of such a grand building.


‘So, it’s a different country then?’

‘That is possible. And that would complicate things greatly.’


Eric was the king. And so his presence in other countries would result in political problems.


‘It’s an emergency, so it cannot be helped.’

‘That’s true. After all, they are the ones that attacked first.’

‘Well, I don’t see the problem. We just have to keep our identities a secret.’

Goran said with a grin.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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