10 Years After – 38


And if they had experience hunting vampires, then there was no need to worry.


And so I gave a detailed report to Eric and the others.

The part about the new fortress and the now empty village were especially important.


“I will have Adventurers sent to this fortress and village immediately.”

“I should send some soldiers as well.”
“Thank you.”


Just then, a servant came running into the room.

Apparently, several people throughout the palace had suddenly turned into ash. 5 in all.

And about 30 people had become unconscious.


The ones who had turned into ash were likely thralls, while the ones who were unconscious were charmed.


“You can see just how far the palace has been infiltrated.”


I said, and Eric and Goran nodded.

It would be best to suspect that other Lords might have also sent their underlings into the palace.

Those who were infected could be sniffed out by the beastkin. However, there were many people in this huge palace.

I didn’t even know how long it would take.


And as for people who were charmed, even Shia and the other beastkin could not tell them apart.

The only way to know was to have an experienced Sorcerer spend an hour inspecting each person.

That would take even longer than searching for infected.


I looked at Gerberga. He was sitting in Luchila’s arms and looked restless.


“Perhaps Lord Gerberga should stay near me.”

“I understand that the palace is dangerous now, but I think that my house is still safe.”

“No, if they use the same methods that they used here, then your house will not be safe for long.”

“That may be, but…”

“I’m taking Lord Gerberga with me when I go kill the Vampire High Lord.”


The most dangerous thing was that someone might bring another teleportation magic circle into the palace.

Vampires could come here directly.


And it was difficult for anyone other than Sorcerers to find them.

There were thousands of plates in the palace. It wasn’t possible to have Sorcerers check every single one.


“It may indeed be safer to leave it to Ruck. However, I cannot allow them to take Lord Gerbera under any circumstances. And that is why I will go with you.”

“Yes. I agree with Eric. Eric and I shall go with you, Ruck. That will be the safest way.”


If it was me alone, there was always a slim chance.

However, in a party with Eric and Goran, we would be much safer. It would be easier to protect Gerberga.


“You’re right. Then it will be us three and Shia who will go and kill this Vampire High Lord.”


And so it was.

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  1. i’m gonna rage if the “cluck-cluck” God get killed in this arc…

    he already a mascot of this series…
    having a adorable chicken as mascot is quite rare after all.

  2. Thank you for the chapter translation. Appreciate the hard work you go through for us ungrateful readers. lol

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