10 Years After – 45


The following day, a palace maid came and woke us up.

The maid returned once again after we finished getting dressed and eating breakfast.

Apparently, there was some reward ceremony, and so I went with Luchila to the presence chamber.


The chiefs of the beastkin tribes, Shia, Goran, and Serulis were already there.

After everyone arrived, Eric entered the room.


“Everyone. That was a tiring battle. But we were able to stop the vampire’s attack because of your efforts.”


Eric said, and one by one, he offered them rewards.

To the chiefs of the beastkin, Shia and Luchila, he offered knighthoods and gold.

Aside from the chiefs, the other beastkin were also offered a certain amount of gold.

And to those beastkin who desired it, they were offered jobs among the palace guards.

It was part of the anti-vampire measures that Eric had thought of.


Goran and his daughter were also given gold, and I was given a house.


When the ceremony was finished, one of the beastkin chiefs came up to me.


“Thank you for taking care of Shia.”

“This is my father.”


Shia’s father’s arm was held up by sling.


“How is your arm?”

“Oh, it is completely fine now.”

“The doctors told him to rest, and yet he participated in yesterdays fight. It’s almost as if he wants to die.”

“Hahaha. My daughter has been angry with me ever since this morning.”


Shia’s father said with a slightly awkward expression. But his tail was wagging.

He must be happy that she was worried about him.


After that, they told me that everyone in the tribe had tried to stop him. But he ignored them and joined the fight.


“That’s really dangerous.”

“Seriously, that’s exactly right.”

“But still, our tribe worked together and defeated 2 Lords.”

“That’s impressive.”

“Though, I would have been able to do more if I were completely healed.”


Shia’s father said sadly.

Perhaps since he was the chief, it would affect his relationship with the other tribes if he did not join the fight.


“But I said that it would be fine, because I’m going to fight in his place…”

“As if I could do nothing while sending my daughter to a place where she could die!”


After that, Shia’s father thanked me many times, and I thanked him many times.


In the afternoon, I headed towards the house that Eric had prepared for me.

He was the king, and so he was able to prepare a house for me overnight.

Eric had said that he knew of a good place, so it was probably the same one.


Luchila, Shia, Goran, and Serulis also tagged along.

We all rode in a carriage as we headed for the house. We arrived in no time.


“We could have just walked here.”

“Isn’t it normal for nobles to use carriages?”

“But still, this house. It’s a little too big…”

“Surely not?”

“No, it’s huge.”

“Apparently it’s the house of a baron who died a while ago without heirs.”


Serulis said.

Well, if it was a noble’s house, then it was no wonder that it was so big.

It had 2 floors and looked like it had more than 20 rooms.


“It’s going to be hard to clean this place…”

“Just hire someone to do it.”

“That’s a lot of work in itself.”


Goran saw that I looked troubled, and said,


“So, why don’t you live with us then?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“I-I see.”


However, Gerberga and the wolf seemed to have taken to the large garden.





The chicken and the wolf were happily running around in the garden.

Shia watched them and said,


“It’s good that it’s so big.”

“Shia. You can come and stay with us whenever you visit the capital.”

“Do you mean it?”

“It’s bigger than I thought it would be.”

“That would really help!”


Shia looked happy. Her tail was wagging wildly.

Then, the wolf ran up to Shia.



“What a cute wolf.”

“It really is.”

“What name will you give it?”



The wolf looked at me with expectant eyes.




“Let me think about it for a while.”



The wolf looked crestfallen.


“I’m going to give it a lot of thought.”



And with that, my chest swelled with anticipation for this new life, in a new house, with the wolf and Gerberga and Luchila.

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  1. I can’t wait for the meeting of Goran’s waifu and Ruck. I kinda expect her to apologize for her husband being him or something. I also picture a sexy secretary with a scowling look.

    I’m waiting for a feline of some kind, maybe a lion, cheetah, or maybe a jaguar. GET DAT FLUFF!!!!!

    Next are the waifus, we have one in the waiting but there has to be more!

    MC is going to have to erect his own barrier to protect lord gerbie. I can’t wait for the explanation of that one.

    • I expect Goran’s wife to be more like a little air-headed, a little ditzy and naive but also very kind person.
      Remember Goran is a hardcore battle maniac which makes up half of his daugther Serulis’s character.
      But he is well aware of dangers and such and prepares for it while Serulis seems a little scatterbrained and careless in that direction.
      Also she is very naive as we saw when she was down from not being allowed to join them in the vampire hunt by being told that she needs to guard the 2 princesses.
      That improved her mood and made her happy completely overlooking that it was just another way to tell her to stay behind.

      So from whom did she get that little clumsiness / carelessness and that naivety?
      Most likely from her mother I think.

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