10 Years After – 46

New House


As a reward for killing the Vampire High Lord, Eric gave me a house.

From what I heard, it was the house of a baron who died without any heirs.

But it was a lot bigger than I had wanted.


“Well, let’s see what it’s like inside then.”




And so I went inside along with Luchila, Gerberga, and the wolf, who would be staying with me.

Goran, Serulis, and Shia also came inside and looked about them with deep interest.


Judging by the interior, we would be able to comfortably live here immediately.


“It even has furniture.”

“You can just trade it in later if you don’t like it.”


Serulis said. Well, it wasn’t too surprising, coming from a rich daughter.


“I heard that the family died off a long time ago… But it’s still nice.”

“Eric had this place prepared in advance, for when you would start asking for your own house.”

“What? He did?”

“Apparently. He just knew that you were going to start saying that you didn’t want to live with me.”


And Eric had been perfectly right.

Goran had a faraway look in his eyes now.


“It would have been nice if you just stayed with us forever.”

“I wouldn’t be able to do that. Besides, Goran. You have your own family.”

“But I don’t mind living with you, Mister Ruck!”

“Well, uh, thank you.”


Serulis assured me, but I couldn’t help but feel like I would be in the way.


“Luchila. You can take any random room that you prefer.”

“Thank you! Let us go, Lord Gerberga.”



Luchila ran up to the second floor. Gerberga followed after him.

The wolf, on the other hand, came up to me.


“You can look around the house too.”


“We’ll have to think of a litter box solution for you, too.”


“You have to go now? But we don’t have one prepared, so you can do it in the garden just for today.”

We’ll just have to bury it until that business is sorted out.




The wolf ran away and then stopped in front of a certain door.

And then it looked at me.


“What is it?”

When I came closer, the wolf carefully put its paw on the lever and opened the door.


“Woah, that’s amazing.”



The smug-looking wolf had opened a door to a bathroom.

As I looked on, the wolf sat down on the toilet seat.

As it was a large wolf and not a normal dog, it fitted on snugly.

And then it immediately started to urinate.

This was how it appealed the fact that it didn’t need a litter box.


“Dogs are really well trained these days, huh?”

“But that’s a wolf?”

“Oh, right. Wolf’s are really impressive.”

“That’s amazing.”


Goran and Serulis thought that this was something that all wolves did.

Of course, it was just a skill that this particular wolf had.


When the wolf was done, it returned to my side.

It never seemed to want to leave me.

For now, I praised it and patted its head.


“Ah, that’s right. Ruck, there is something that I need to give you.”


“It’s one of Eric’s prizes.”


Goran handed me some magic shoes.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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  1. … what’s up with these crazy animals? First time I’ve read about a holy chicken and wolf that can use a toilet. I’ve read about crazier animals, like a parrot that likes to penetrate the anus of anything with feathers or fur, but geez.

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