10 Years After – 46


“You lost your old pair during your 10 years battle with the devils, didn’t you?”

“That’s right. This is a big help.”

“As for your money, you will now be able to withdraw it whenever you want with your Adventurers Card.”

“Sorry for the hassle.”
“Bah, don’t mention it.”


As we talked like that, Luchila returned from exploring the second floor.


“Mister Ruck, I chose my room!”


“Oh? Which one?”

“Over here!”


Luchila excitedly led me towards the room.

It was the corner room on the east side of the second floor. The room where the sunlight would hit first.


“Ah, I can see why Lord Gerberga would like this one.”



It was good that Gerberga was happy.


“That’s right. I will need to create a barrier in order to protect Lord Gerberga.”

“Thank you!”

“I should cast one around the entire mansion and also in each room.”

“Multiple barriers? That’s amazing!”



For now, I created a barrier in Luchila and Gerberga’s room.

Now the monsters of the dark would not be able to enter so easily.


Of course, stronger monsters were not supposed to be able to enter the royal capital at all.

However, Arch Vampires had invaded the palace, so it was clearly not completely safe.

We had to stay cautious.


“That being said, there is no such thing as a perfect defense. So stay on the lookout.”

“Yes! We will be careful!”



The wolf also howled, as if to say, ‘leave it to me.’

Shia saw this and said,


“Mister Ruck. I think it’s time that you give this wolf a name.”


The wolf’s tail immediately started to wag.

Perhaps it really did want a name.


“I guess so. What would be a good name?”


I said, and everyone turned very serious as they began to think.


Serulis: “Hmm. Oh, yes. How about Choco?”

Goran: “I think Koro would be good.”

Luchila: “How about Vanargand?”

Shia: “I believe that Fenrirwulf would be nice.”


The difference in seriousness between Goran, Serulis and Luchila, Shia was something.


“Which one do you like?”



It seemed that none of those suggestions were to its liking.

For a while, we surrounded the wolf and debated about the new name.


“Oh, why not just call it Grrooff-Grrooff then?”

“! Grrrr!”


Serulis’ careless remark caused the wolf to cry as if in shock.

Even I felt very bad about it.


“Alright, I will decide! It will be Grulf.”



The wolf howled and wagged its tail. It seemed to like it.

I had just combined Serulis’ ‘Grrooff-Grroof’ and Shia’s ‘Fenrirwulf’ together.

But that didn’t matter, if it liked it.


After that, we spent the rest of the day exploring the house.

And in the end, we all stayed up late into the night and partied.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Interesting names. As for anyone curious about names, I’m not sure where Choco came from but usually a short version of chocolate in Japan. Vanargand is another name for Fenrir, Fenrirwulf is Fenrir and wolf combined, Grrooff-Grrooff is probably taken from the wolf’s bark, and Kuro is Japanese for Black. Fenrir is a special wolf from Norse mythology as a child of Loki with god killing fangs.

  2. combined the names from the two girls… I see Mr. MC is choosing the harem route and trying to keep both waifu’s happy.. Smart choice. Don’t forget about Airo the archer girl.

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