10 Years After – 47

The Ghost Incident


Once it was past midnight, I headed towards my room.

Grulf followed after me as if it were the most obvious thing.

Goran, Serulis, and Shia also decided to stay in my guest rooms tonight.


“Let me know if you want your own room, Grulf. There are plenty to spare.”



I got into my bed, and Grulf came inside too.

Grulf was big and completely in the way.


I was about to tell him to get off when,


“Oh, fine then.”

He had purred cutely, so I forgave it.


By the way, my room was next to Luchila and Gerberga’s room.

This was so I could rush to the room if anything happened.


“Alright, listen, Grulf.”


“Lord Gerberga is the God Fowl. He is like a god. And so bad people might try and attack him.”


“So, can you tell me if any suspicious people get close? You have sharp ears and nose, don’t you?”



Grulf’s tail wagged vigorously. It was as if he was saying, ‘leave it to me.’


“It will be a lot safer with you here!”



I did have a barrier created around the mansion.

A barrier that barred any of the weaker dark ones from entering.

The strong ones were barred by the barrier that surrounded the city.


After a while, Grulf and I fell asleep.


Several hours later.

“Mister Lock. Mister Lock.”


Luchila and Gerberga woke me up.


“…What is it?”

“I woke up in the night to use the bathroom…but there was a suspicious sound.”


Luchila whispered quietly.

Goran and the other guests were still sleeping. He was being careful so they did not wake up.


“A suspicious sound?”



Gerberga flew out of Luchila’s hold and jumped onto me.



Gerberga was quivering with fear.

He was much more scared than Luchila was.


“Don’t worry, Lord Gerberga. You’re safe.”


“Luchila. Lead me to where this suspicious noise was coming from.”



I got out of my bed and looked down at Grulf.



“He’s in a deep sleep…”


He looked so peaceful and it seemed unlikely that he would wake up.


“I don’t think he will be very useful now. Let’s leave him.”




We walked ahead quietly.

Down the stairs to the first floor and towards the bathroom.


“So you went down to the bathroom on the first floor.”

“Yes. I went to the bathroom with Lord Gerberga, and then a sound came from over there.”


Luchila was pointing to the study. It was filled with many books that the previous occupant, a baron, had left.

Luchila and I entered the study.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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